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Moved house

Hello, a question.

I have moved house and requested a transfer of account. I have received a new Gen 2 modem and I have plugged it in.

What I don’t understand is that the previous residences had NBN internet, however I have been advised that I need a technician to install my service. Shouldn’t I just plug my new modem in and it should work??

Thanks appreciate any answer 😜

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Re: Moved house

You shouldn't need a technician visit but your NBN will to be programmed befor you will be able to use it.

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Re: Moved house

Yeah that’s what I thought but Telstra are insisting I wait until 9/1/21 for a technician........🤬


Anyone have a tip to get it done quicker???

Thanks heaps.

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Re: Moved house

With the Smart Modem 2 you will be able to connect using the 4G backup service (if it is provisioned) until the nbn internet service becomes active..  just plug it in and power it on - if there is no NBN after a few minutes the backup (blue indicator) will kick in - it won't be as fast as your nbn service but you should get internet and email and maybe even stream one service..  you can connect other devices as well. Once nbn is active the modem will switch to (green indicator)..


You may need to make some changes to wifi settings to use 4G, but nothing major - try it, see how you go and come back with more questions if you need to..

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