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Moving from cable to nbn (hfc)

Hi there,


Ordered NBN last week and the plan (was told) was self install after the NBN modem had been installed. Simple enough. 


Our house is currently cabled for cable and was told all that NBN would do is add a modem to the end of the cable that I would then connect the Telstra supplied router to and off I would go.


Over the weekend I have had a series of emails from Telstra advising me of two appointments (no times given). Today I have called and spoke to somebody whom I suspect was out of their depth.


I am told. NBN person will have to pull a new cable from the pit and add a new wall box (was previously told this was not necessary). The professional install would then take care of the rest (over a week later). 


I am told that once NBN have installed their modem I can work as normal (how??) as only one cable is needed. 


I thought long and hard about leaving Telstra but the sales guy I spoke to was helpfula dn seemed very knowledgeable. It now appears I was lied too.


Can any body shed any light on what will happen. It's a new(ish) house which as only ever had cable and is "smart wired" even had the full NBN ready pack at time of build (before HFC) came in....


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Moving from cable to nbn (hfc)

Assuming that you are in an area where the NBN is using the existing cable that is connected to your property, then it should just be as simple as NBN Co plugging in their modem and then you plugging in your Router (assuming you have an active cable service at the moment).


Where it gets complicated is if you are in an area where there is more than one cable and NBN Co has decided for technical reasons to use the other one, or they have deemed that your current cable isn't fit for service. In that case, then they would need to run new cable and a terminating box on your wall.


Then you get hte third option, where they decide that the existing cable for your area is not good enough and they decide to either roll out FTTP (lucky you), which would require an NBN NTD to be installed along with fibre run from the street, or drop back to FTTN, which could require copper to be run to your house if you don't already have a landline.


Then again, it could just be that the NBN address database doesn't have the correct details for your premises and they don't have you recorded as already having an HFC cable connected to your house.

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Re: Moving from cable to nbn (hfc)



Your first part is what I expected......


I guess it is watch this space.



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