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Moving from Telstra cable internet to HFC NBN

I currently have a Telstra cable internet connection and I need to change to HFC NBN. My current setup is the coaxial cable from the wall connecting to a Telstra cable adaptor which is then connected to the Telstra Smart Modem. Does my move to HFC NBN require a technician from NBNCo to install an NBN box? Or is it simply a matter of swapping the Telstra cable adaptor for an NBN cable adaptor and then connecting it to the Telstra Smart Modem? I can't get a straight answer from Telstra reps.

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Re: Moving from Telstra cable internet to HFC NBN

My change from Telstra Cable to NBN HFC was just like that, I did it as a self install with the NBN box and the Smart Modem 2 sent to me (separately), but had to wait for NBN to get their side setup, then Telstra to do their bit - especially with the homephone service. While waiting for the internet, the Smart Modem 2 ran in 4G mode for a while.

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Re: Moving from Telstra cable internet to HFC NBN

If you happen to have your service registered for Medical Priority Assistance, Telstra will organise for NBN to visit and connect their HFC modem/box,  and Telstra will also come and connect their modem, and not leave you without a working service.

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