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Moving home with a Telstra NBN Bundle is a nightmare!!

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On 28 March 2017 I lodged a 'simple' Moving Home Relocation Request over the phone with Telstra to relocate my NBN Bundle service (unchanged) from Perth, WA to SA. Here we are 3.5 months later, (31 July), and I've spent over 24 hours on the phone to Telstra - first to the Relocation Team then subsequently to the Complaints Resolution Team (doesn't deserve this title). I've been lied to, over-charged to the tune of $700+, rudely interupted, and even hung up on (by a Complaints Supervisor no less!!), and I'm still no closer to having my service relocation finalised and my account balance reconciled!!


As a 10+ year Optus customer I should have stayed with them. 12 months ago we got NBN connected at our previous residence in Perth, so I decided to save some dollars and combine my Foxtel and home broadband. As a longterm (10+ years) Telstra mobile customer I signed up for the NBN Premier Medium Bundle with Foxtel by Telstra. All was good until March when our family moved interstate (to SA) and tried to take our NBN/Foxtel Bundle with us...a simple and straightforward would think. Surely, Telstra processes 100's of service relocations a week all over the would think...what could possibly go wrong?


28 March 2017: I lodged a Service Relocation Request over the phone with Telstra. I should have known right then that this simple exercise was going to become a total nightmare! The request was to have my pre-existing NBN Bundle, including Foxtel by Telstra, transferred from my old address in Perth, WA to my new address in SA. When speaking to the Telstra consultant lodging my request he informed me that their Moving Home software system had recently been upgraded that past weekend and that every screen was showing him error messages as he typed in my details. He stated that the order would have to be manually uploaded into the system's 'backend' afterwards.


Later that day, I received an automated email which showed that my NBN Foxtel service plan had been altered. This was clearly a system error, as my request was a straight transfer of service from old address to new address, with no Bundle changes.


29-Mar-2017: I called the Relocations Team to inform them of the mistakes on my order. I was told the order had been generated in error and that a 'correct' replacement order would be generated in the system within 24-48 hours.


3-Apr-2017: I called Telstra a 3rd time to check order status. I was told the order was still in an 'error' state and that a correct replacement order would be generated in their system within 24-48 hours.


6-Apr-2017: I called Telstra a 4th time to check order status. I was told the order was still in an error state and that they would cancel the order and a correct replacement order would be generated in their system within 24-48 hours.


10-Apr-2017: I called Telstra a 5th time and was told the same response.


The original confirmation email stated my old serivce in Perth would be disconnected on 10-Apr-2017 and the NBN Technician would be at my new address in SA to make the FTTN connection on 12-Apr-2017. He never showed up. So, I called Telstra again on 12-Apr, 14-Apr and 19-Apr-2017 always wiith the same response. No resolution timeframe given. The Call Centre consultants wouldn't let me speak directly to the team supposedly processing my order...useless and unprofessional.


20-Apr-2017: Lodged complaint with Telstra (SR 1-1125986943406) and with TIO (2017/04/11148). In the meantime, I'd had to purchase a $25 data pack on my Telstra mobile just to keep my family online, pay bills, organise house relocation issues, etc.


24-Apr-2017: Finally, got contacted by 1st Telstra Complaints Manager. He made lots of excuses about my Relocation Request still being in an 'error state' and that the system wouldn't let him book an NBN Technician to complete the connection at my new address. So he called me back 2 days later saying that he'd have to add a 'dummy' NBN service at my old address onto my account to 'trick' the software system into letting him book the technician!! So he went ahead and did this.


10-May-2017: Finally got NBN service connected at new address. Thought it was all sorted then checked my account on 24x7 and there was the extra NBN bundle that the 1st Complaints Manager had added to my account, plus the NBN/Foxtel/Phone Bundle at my old address was still listed as 'active'. This was when the over billing issues began. One week later I got my monthly Telstra bill for two (2) NBN/Foxtel Bundle Services. One at my new address (that had just been connected) and the one at my old address (that was to have been disconnected on 10-Apr...).



7-Jun-2017: After about 6 more phone calls the 1st Telstra Complaints Manager created a new Complaint without my permission (SR1-1125933188541). He then processed a $400+ credit onto my Telstra account for the previous month's over billing due to multiple Bundles being on my account and having to purchase the data pack. He couldn't seem to resolve the mess he'd put my acount into and within 3 weeks he disappeared, only to be replaced by the 2nd Telstra Complaints Manager.


11-Jul-17: Got contacted by 2nd Telstra Complaints Manager saying that she'd taken over my Complaint Case because it had been escalated. She hasn't been able to progress the matter either, despite me calling her every day for 2 weeks straight.


24-Jul-17: I got my monthly Telstra bill - This time for $484 for three (3) NBN Bundle Services. One for the NBN Bundle at my new address and the one at my old address that was still listed as 'active', plus a $365 early cancellation fee for the 24 month 'dummy' NBN Bundle that the 1st Complaints Manager had added to my account. Unbelievable!!


After 3.5 months I am sick and tired of the BS and massive time wasting that Telstra puts its customers through. There is NO customer service at Telstra. The restructuring that put the incompetant offshore Call Centres between Telstra's Customers and its Technical Teams (who obviously manage to somehow keep the lights on at Telstra!!) is the biggest mistake in the company's history. It's no wonder Telstra is the laughing stock of social media over on FB. I cannot wait to end my contract and never have any dealings with Telstra again.

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