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Moving home!

Well Telstra, where do I start? O.k, at the beginning......8 weeks ago, (yes - 8) I phoned you to move my home & internet service as I had sold my home. Moved to my new home - right next door. Telstra informed me that a tech guy would come and do the phone line hook up in 10 days. You sent me a modem. Tech guy turned up, and a few hours later told me that I would need to book another tech guy to come finish the job as more work was needed and he couldn't do it. Telstra told me that new guy would come in a couple of weeks! I am without home phone, but more importantly, without internet for my home business! I waited patiently for the date for tech guy to arrive. You sent me another modem. You SMS me with confirmation of tech guy date and times and inform me that tech guy has my mob ph no. , I reply "Yes" to confirm. You send me another modem. The day is here for tech guy to do work - I take day off work to be here for him. Tech guy doesnt show. I wait until the next day (take day off work again), tech guy no show. I phone you guys and the overseas person tells me that I my order was cancelled and I have a new date - 3 weeks later! I ask what is going on and they tell me the tech guy "couldn't find your house"!!! I tell Telstra person that is total BS and stop making up stuff. The tech guy has my mob ph no.and would have phoned me. Telstra person admits that they have stuffed up and don't actually know what has happened. You send me another modem (yes, thats 4 modems!) This is the really fun part! Up to now, I have made and received many many calls to you -Telstra. During all these calls, I have been shunted from dept to dept, put on hold a trillion times (o.k, maybe slight exaggeration, but you get my drift) and spoken to that many filipino/indian folks, that I now speak with a similar accent. I have spent, collectively, many hours on hold or trying to get my problem sorted. My case manager for my service move (service being an oxymoron) has repeatedly told me she/he would call me back with answers to the many updates/questions that need answering. Case manager repeatedly fails to call back. When I call case manager back to find out why they didn't bother to call me back, they tell me "sorry". That's it! No explanation etc, just sorry. Believe me when I say that I don't just phone you guys for the fun of it, or because I have nothing to do. I only do it when I need info about my internet connection (that is currently 8 weeks without!) The new tech guy turned up today. I ask him "there must be a big shortage of you guys, and you must be very busy" . He looks at me like im crazy and says" What do you mean?" I explain that Telstra couldn't get a Telstra tech guy to me for many weeks and he was amazed! He said "there are plenty of Telstra techs, and we are not very busy at all"!!! He was genuinely amazed at what is happening to me thru Telstra. The tech guy starts on my job, and a couple hours later, he is done. He tells me "the first Tech guy that did the initial work on your phone line could have easily done the whole job, as the job was easy! He said that the first tech guy must have been lazy or didn't want the job! You can understand how pissed off this made me feel. I could have had my phone and internet hooked up weeks ago, missed out on all this pain and frustration. I phone Telstra to ask when the internet will be connected (yes, thats right, phone is connected, but internet is new job and has to be booked!) Telstra tell me it will be another 5 days..... Telstra, I have been a very good customer of yours for many years. I am a business man myself, and I know the first rule of business - don piss off your customers! Believe me when I say this: I have never, ever, been treated this poorly, and over such and extended period, by any company - ever. If this is how you treat your good customers......what do you do to your bad ones????? I will post this little story on all social media that I can, and will ask everyone I can to share this. You need to stop this shocking treatment of your customers. Once my phone line is complete, I will cancel my service with you and never -ever come near you again.

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Re: Moving home!

You're best of raising a complaint so the feed back can be passed on and coaching provided where necessary to the agents where mistakes were made. Additionally you can discuss having the early termination charges waived on your internet and phone contract if there are any if you plan to cancel your services.
For Official Support Chat Now, try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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Telstra (Retired)
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Re: Moving home!

Hi jonnyacidseed,

as 343GuiltySpark suggested, best to raise a formal complaint. You can lodge a complaint online here https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/Email-Complaint Further information about lodging complaints can be found here https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/General-Services-KB/Lodging-a-complaint-with-Telstra/ta-p/681.... A complaint case manager will be assigned, typically within 3-5 business days, to investigate and find a suitable solution.


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