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How good is Telstra...not. I apologise for my long post (rant) in advance. I just need to vent my frustration and anger somewhere. I lodged my complaint online but I've never received a confirmation email so I don't know if it was received or not.

I have been trying for more than two weeks to move my internet and home phone services to my new address but to no avail. My new home is an apartment in a recently completed development in a suburb with NBN. At my previous address I had only ADSL broadband internet connection.

Before I moved in my new home I phoned Telstra to tell them to disconnect my current address and connect me at my new address. I was on hold for more than 3 hours and finally after 3 hours I managed to speak to someone. I was told that my new address is not in the system and it should be within 48 hours and I should try to arrange a move order online. I checked my address on Telstra website and it was still telling me that there is no NBN nor broadband at my address.

After I moved I contacted Telstra again but this time through their app. I received various and conflicting answers from different people. First person told me that my address is not NBN ready but I can get ADSL connection. Second person told me that my address is not serviceable and they are yet to confirm when the connection will be available. Another person told me that the cable and PSTN service is available. And finally I was told that only option available is 4GX. More of my valuable time was wasted.

It was obvious that I can’t get the answer from Telstra so I did my own research. NBN is available in my area. There are only a few buildings in this suburb which are not connected to NBN including my own building. It turns out that my building is exclusively serviced by LBNCo and only some smaller ISPs are allowed on this local private network but not Telstra nor any other major ISPs. That is the probably reason my address is not serviceable by Telstra and probably won’t be in the near future. I just don’t understand why I couldn’t get this information from Telstra instead of me doing my own research.

I contacted Telstra again and told them I wanted to cancel my services. This time I was told they can move home phone service and they can try to move ADSL broadband but they are not sure that is possible. So, they initiated a move order. Today, I checked my order status and, lo and behold, my move order was cancelled. At the moment I’m talking to Telstra again through their app to see what happened.

I'm aware that I probably can't get NBN from Telstra at my new address in the near future but I expected someone from Telstra would be able to tell me why instead of me doing research online. After being a loyal customer for more than 20 years I think it is time to say goodbye to Telstra.

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