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Moving house - is it possible to talk to a real person?


Yes I know there are faqs and I know there are online forms to fill in. I have tried.

Situation is moving from existing Telstra nbn over HFC to new apartment nbn over fttp *it is nbn ready already)

I have existing gen 2 modem (Arcadyan), phone, broadband, foxtel 


I (perhaps naively) assumed that it was merely a matter of telstra arranging with nbn for a date however

The online form 

1) Says I need a technician to install (probably at a cost) - surely I can just take modem

with me and plug in

2) I wanted the new place operational a few days ahead of move out (So I could take modem over and test - my wife is a teacher and we need to make alternative plans as a fallback) . Online forms dont allow that

Thanks for any assistance - all the 1300 numbers I have tried so far are automated responses which dont help

It shouldn't be easier to move to a new supplier than stay with an existing one but it seems like that so far

Thanks for any help/suggestions

1) I need a technician to install - surely I can just take modem with me 


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  • No, I still need help

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