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Moving to a house without cable but locked into a cable bundle

I am trying to organise my ageing parent's Telstra home phone & cable broadband bundle being transferred to a new address, but am not getting clear answers from Telstra phone support. They have cable where they are, and entered into a 2 year contract earlier this year. They have to move as their landlord wants the house for themselves, and we are putting them into short term (6 month) accomodation while a permanent place is found. The temporary accomodation has a phone connection and a foxtel cable in the lounge. They are worried that to get cable, the technician would have to put another hole in the study (which the landlord won't permit).

So, we just want to know whether they can get an ADSL modem instead, which can just be plugged into the existing phone line without a technician, and how this will affect their bundle contract. They  are on the aged pension, and just want a simple, cheap solution for the next 6 months.

Phone support on 2 occasions has given mixed answers, with one saying they HAVE to pay $299 for a technician to instal the cable (which they booked on Friday under pressure, after 1 hour 28 minutes on the phone to Telstra). Today (Sunday), we've been told it is possible to cancel the cable move order (which was booked for Monday, ie the next business day) and request ADSL instead, and I think this has happened, but the consultant mentioned having to give 3 business days notice to change a move order (which isn't possible as they booked it for the next business day). We were given a mobile phone number for a case manager, but it's disconnected and we've now been told they can't be contacted on the weekend anyway.

Has anyone else been in the situation of having a cable bundle contract, and having to move to a house with ADSL, and if so, did it affect your contract (eg having to pay exit fees)?

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Re: Moving to a house without cable but locked into a cable bundle

Hello Shirley,

If you want to cancel the cable, and sort this out, the Disconnections Team which are in Adelaide ONLY during Business Hours  are really excellent in sorting out these issues.

Tomorrow morning after 9am if you ring 132200 and say "Disconnection" you will get on that team in Adelaide.

They also have more flexibility than the other call centres to make decisions.


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