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My. Internet not working

My. Internet not working 

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Re: My. Internet not working

You'll need to provide some more details..

What sort of service do you have?

What equipment is installed?

What indicators are showing (front and back)?

Was it working previously and just stopped?

When did it stop working - overnight?

Are all devices affected?

Have you tried any troubleshooting steps?

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Too many devices, probably an addict :-) also a tinkerer and developer of stuff..
Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!
Support Team
Support Team

Re: My. Internet not working

Hi Ziad1, as Steve mentioned we need some more detail about what is going on. I'm sure we can help to get this working better for you. 

What connection type you are having trouble with? ADSL, Cable, NBN, NBN fixed wireless or Mobile Broadband? Would you mind going through some quick troubleshooting for me?

Can you please check your address on our outage page https://tel.st/h2a8s. If there are no official outages listed, please go through our online troubleshooting tool here: https://tel.st/wvsv6. This will guide you through some steps while connected to your modem that will help diagnose any technical issues that could be effecting your services.


Let me know how you go once you’ve had a go at the steps above.    

Regards - 


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