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My Smart modem is blocking my website

How can I fix the problem, of the modem blocking my website, I have no other issues with any other sites, I installed the modem about 6 months ago had no issue then last week blocked. I hope someone has a solution

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Re: My Smart modem is blocking my website

It is probably Telstra Broadband protect blocking your website not the modem. You can bypass Telstra Broadband protect by using a non Telstra IPv4 and IPv6 DNS. To change DNS log into the modem (, password is Telstra), go to Advanced > Local Network, select a non Telstra DNS from drop down list and save settings. Do for both IPv4 and IPv6. The image below shows the settings in the Arcadyan modem, the Technicolor modem is similar.


If Telstra Broadband Protect has blocked your site it is probably due to a potential security flaw has been detected on the site.



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