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NBN and Broadband dropouts

Why can't Telstra get their act together ?

Our FTTN broadband has been dropping out frequently in the last 2 weeks, after several months of stability.

It's dropped out at least several times today alone.

Trying to contact help at Telstra is like winning the Lotto. I've logged faults through the Telstra app and waited in one case for an operator to text a chat reply; three hours and waiting, still no contact via the app.

I don't have time to sit in a phone queue for hours.

Telstra, what is the story ?

The Telstra status page is useless, it never ever shows any outages in my area, like the old status page did.

I think it's a bait and switch, Telstra never logs any faults on that status site for customers to track down.

Telstra, it's 2021 ! Where is your customer service and follow up ??????

I am really over it Telstra, other Telco's are looking mighty good !

(my BB dropped out once more as I attempted to write this !)

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