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NBN and Telstra not helping, who should I go to next??

So I brought a Telstra Smart Gen 2 modem about two months ago and that is when I started get the following issues;

- Constant connectivity drop-outs and loss with my wan connection

- Modem kept switching between backup mode and broadband mode

- Major packet loss and internet speeds drastically varying all the time


Contacted Telstra and they changed the nbn connection box (I have HFC) and the issue resolved itself for two days.



Update to recent events -

Last week, I had one nbn technician come and check the signal from the pole, outside cable box and internal connection which all were okay. He replaced all the fittings and replaced the nbn connection box (again). Internet worked for 1 hour and then now there is no connection at all. (Power light on, no downstream,upstream or online light) - The connection box randomly restarts maybe every two mins but still not working.

To note, I have been restricted to using the backup mode on the smart gen modem for the past weeks. 


Call NBN and have to wait 1 hour and 30 mins to finally get told that a technician will come next week on Tuesday (so I have to wait now another week). Tuesday comes and no one arrives. Call NBN and after another hour, apparently the case was closed and updated as resolved. Now telstra and nbn believe that I have only just now reported the issue so that are unaware that I have been without "actual" internet (no backup sim) for 2 months. Finally persuade the nbn support to schedule another tech for wednesday. Wednesday comes and no one arrives. Call them again and they report that no technician was assigned to the case and now we have to wait until next week for a nbn technician to come. Again, persuade the nbn support to come this Friday to fix the issue.


What should I do?? Telstra just forwards me to nbn call centre in who knows where and I am still without internet after two months. Telstra keeps cutting the backup mode connection and send stupid text saying "Click this link to find out how to get back on your broadband service" and it links to a stupid website saying "Power off your modem and you are good to go". Are you serious??



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Re: NBN and Telstra not helping, who should I go to next??

If you haven't done so already lodge a official complaint with Telstra by ringing 132200 and when asked for reason of call say complaint or use the online form. Telstra will attempt to resolve the complaint within 10 business days. If complaint not resolved to your satisfaction contact the TIO (1800 062 058, https://www.tio.com.au/making-a-complaint)

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Re: NBN and Telstra not helping, who should I go to next??

Thanks for your reply, I have logged a official complaint yesterday with telstra and nbn. Thankfully nbn technician actually came about ten mins ago and apparently a "lightning stike" hit my cable and that is reason for my internet being down?? He changed the nbn connection box and now all lights show up. Guessing I just need a new connection boxes each time we have a storm. He mentioned that my line is to spec but my signal is not great since Telstra connected me to the wrong pole outside my place......

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