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NBN and Telstra Unable to Solve Intermittent Dropouts Problem

For months now I have been experiencing intermittent dropouts of the NBN HFC modem, also affecting my Foxtel service (no signal). There are short dropouts for a few minutes, but these can be longer, and they occur randomly throughout the day but in clusters. A survey of my neighbours reveals they too are experiencing the same problem and have reported the same. I have had repeated visits from NBN technicians, who test signal levels (all good when working) and change connectors. They have all escalated the problem to the NBN Network Team who, I am told, have an open ticket on a network fault. Week after week Telstra rings me and schedules another NBN Technician appointment. So I am having a Groundhog Day experience with Telstra and NBN following their procedures but no progress is actually being made. No one in these organisations seems to be able to join the dots and diagnose the problem correctly. In my view, (as an engineer versed in communications systems) there is an intermittent joint or failing RF amplifier in the broadband cable that services our neighbourhood, which would give the symptoms we are seeing (intermittent loss of RF signal). How does one break this inane organisational cycle which is wasting everyone's' time and severely trying my patience? I have asked for this issue to be escalated but I remain sceptical that will have any effect.

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Re: NBN and Telstra Unable to Solve Intermittent Dropouts Problem

Hi @Tony43


Very sorry to see that the NBN dropout issue has been ongoing for so long and multiple NBN technicians have not been able to get it sorted. 


Has an escalation assisted in getting a resolution for this? 

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Re: NBN and Telstra Unable to Solve Intermittent Dropouts Problem

The problem appears to have been resolved in that we have not had dropouts for a week now.  The level of information disclosure from NBN / Telstra is very poor though.  All of the NBN Techs that visited had no background on the issue and I had to start from scratch with them every time.  Of course, the premises wiring from the street tap was fine on every visit by NBN, the problem being in the network further upstream. On every occasion, the technicians learned there was an open network trouble ticket and that the network team hadn't managed to resolve it yet, therefore their visit had been unnecessary.  Now if I can see and log the dropouts as a customer, why can't NBN / Telstra use the network management facilities at their disposal? It beggars belief that such information isn't the first thing looked at.  Instead we the customers are run through a standard call centre script every time without, it seems, any reference to the history of the trouble ticket to date, nor to the actual network events related to the subscriber.

So as at this point the network has worked without incident for a week, but there has been no information back to me that the problem was actually identified and resolved.  The trouble ticket was closed so I guess Telstra met its KPIs.  If the problem recurs then we'll start all over again...

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Re: NBN and Telstra Unable to Solve Intermittent Dropouts Problem

If the problem starts again, I have provided a link to the Telstra troubleshooting tool.

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Re: NBN and Telstra Unable to Solve Intermittent Dropouts Problem

Thanks, but fully aware of this tool.  A fleeting problem like we were/am having doesn't get picked up by this tool.

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Re: NBN and Telstra Unable to Solve Intermittent Dropouts Problem

Well after a period of respite (10 days) the problem is back. Loss of RF signal pixellating the Foxtel service and some periods of complete signal loss.  The HFC NBN service drops out more frequently as it is more sensitive to RF signal level. Four times already today and three times yesterday (see the log below).

It could also be that someone is working on the network giving short interruptions, but unlikely.

I am really hesitant to report this again because of the ineffective circus that ensued last time.  I'll wait to see if this gets worse (hoping for a hard failure to pinpoint the problem in the NBN network) or abates again.

Here's the record of NBN HFC losses and failovers to the backup 4G service since the last stable period. Data is from the record of DDNS IP address registrations.

DateTimeServiceDDNS RegistrationDuration
11/01/202012:06:42NBN HFC[] 
11/01/202011:36:42NBN HFC[]00:00:18:20
11/01/20208:24:42NBN HFC[]00:02:51:05
10/01/202014:09:42NBN HFC[]00:18:03:01
8/01/202011:36:42NBN HFC[]02:02:18:00
8/01/202011:15:41NBN HFC[]00:00:03:02
7/01/202010:18:41NBN HFC[]01:00:27:01
2/01/202014:06:41NBN HFC[]04:19:03:02
31/12/201923:36:47NBN HFC[]01:14:18:00
31/12/201918:24:50NBN HFC[]00:05:08:52
31/12/201918:13:10NBN HFC[]00:00:08:35
21/12/20199:24:45NBN HFC[]10:08:45:23


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