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NBN and wrong address


Have recently moved home into a duplex/battleaxe residence(renting 1 duplex). There a 3 dwellings on 1 block(eg: 1, 1a, 1B).  Trying to sort out NBN connection, but have found that Telstra have only listed 2 dwellings(1a, 1b).  Am unable to figure out if NBN is connected to house (currently running internet on modem back up), cos address is not recognised!  Numerous conversations with Telstra have not achieved anything and their suggestion is to chat to them via Telstra app.  Nup, doesn't recognise address!! OK  try disconnections, nup that simply reverts to a voice mail, then hangs up! I was told that the address would be corrected some 3 weeks ago, but not yet!

Have put in a complaint with Telstra and after much to-ing & fro-ing, was advised that my address is not on their records(been there, done that!) and I would be best to revert back to ADSL!!!(go figure).  Why on earth would I want that!

I appreciate that times are tough at present, but if there are any Telstra reps viewing this, how about trying to speak/contact rather than referring them to your app or saying contact NBN/ISP!  You are my ISP!!!!!

To the forum I thank you for listening to my rant and hoping someone can advise the best course of action!



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