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NBN Application

I got this email today;

Ok, let's make it official.
Home Internet Connect Plus
$ 90/mth
Your plan inclusions
- 500GB Home Broadband Data.
- Telstra Broadband Protect.
- Free Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air hotspots.
- 3 Free Data Top-Ups.
- Family Calls Benefit.
- Standard Evening Speed. 15Mbps typical minimum speeds between 7pm-11pm on the nbn™ network.

But this is not the plan I applied for.
The plan M is applied for is $80/month, 1000gb data. Free modem included. NBN tier 50 with typical speeds 30mbps between 7-11pm.

What is the go with this??

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: NBN Application

You will most likely find the correct plan appearing in your inbox soonish.

The did a similar thing to me, and the next day the right on was there.
Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.

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