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NBN available in next month - Performance Guarantee?

We've been advised that the NBN (FTTN) will be available to us within the next month.


We've had issues with our existing landline (ADSL2+) since we built 8 years ago. There's a constant crackling on the line which has been investigated by Telstra and they tell us they can't hear it. 3 changes of handsets has done nothing. If the copper line is unreliable now how bad is it going to be on NBN?


Given this issue and the apparent unreliability of the NBN I've been trying to find out if there's some sort of Performance Guarantee.Telstra's help line is worse than useless on being able to provide any information at all. They either don't know or simply won't tell.


Can I expect the new Telstra response of "It's not us it's NBNCo" to be added to their current "We cannot detect any problems on your line"?


What protection do I have? What guarantees are available?


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Re: NBN available in next month - Performance Guarantee?

The good news is there will be no longer be a problem with crackling on the phone as the voice service is now delivered over the internet. It will either work with no noise or want work at all.


Once you connect to NBN Telstra is only responsible for the equipment they provide and thire network. NBN CO is responsible for the NBN infrastructure including the copper wires to your premises. The householder is responsible for house wiring past the main phone socket.


On a FTTN connection NBN quality standards are pretty low. They guarantee a speed of download speed of 12 Mbps and if the line suffers from frequent short drop outs will only investigate if over 6 in a 24 hour period.



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Re: NBN available in next month - Performance Guarantee?

Looks like I need to investigate alternatives.
I certainly don't want to get caught between Telstra and NBNCo which seems the way things are going. Both organisations seem unable or unwilling to provide a decent level of service.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN available in next month - Performance Guarantee?

I must mention that I have an FTTN service and am very satisfied with the connection. Although due to distance from the node limits the speed to 40 Mbps the connection is very stable, in the two years I have had it I have only noticed to two main link drop outs. First lasted about 20 minutes and the second lasted about 8 hours.


Telstra provides a modem which will fall over to 4G backup if there is an fault on the main link, but it is much good if you suffer from lots of short drop outs as it takes 2 minutes to kick in. If you are one of the few who does suffer from a faulty connection it is very difficult to get NBN Co to fix the connection especially if the problem is frequent drop outs that only last a short period of time.

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