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NBN Backup 4G

I have been provided with an NBN modem. This modem has 4G backup. Over the past month i have had drop outs either between 5pm-7pm and 10pm-12am every day.
I contacted Telstra and due to their lack of over the phone communication i was resorted to a ridiculous SMS based technical support service.

Using Covid as an excuse to not provide good level of customer service.


When i spoke to them they had informed me that their was an outage in the area but this wasn't the case as i had a look on the telstra outage advice website. Even if this was the case this didn't cover the previous days of outages that covered the month.
I also asked why my 4G backup wasn't working as it was supposed to and i was advised Again that their was an outage with the 4G service i checked this service outage - https://outages.telstra.com.au/#/mobile?address=MT%20WAVERLEY,%203149%20VIC
Again this wasn't the case and still didn't cover the last months outages. 

It turns out many more people are in the same case as myself where their 4G backup doesn't work based on other forums i am on.
Telstra has put out a massive campaign promoting this 4G backup service that clearly doesn't work. Their are many people that have this issue.

On another note the technical support people make people like myself feel stupid especially when i have an Internet infrastructure background. They lie on their technical support response to just get you off the line.


The delay in responding via this kind of support allows for either functionality of the modem to either start working therefore the support staff don't see a problem and then tell me their is nothing wrong or its a sub par service. 

I was also advised this would be escalated and the following day i was messaged to say they find no fault with the NBN service.


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Re: NBN Backup 4G

Welcome to a long road ahead of this kind of crap mate. I've been dealing with it for 6 months and have had 9 NBN.co technician appointments - last one just earlier today and its dropped out 3 times since he left. 

My advise is contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) and make a complaint. About 95% of FTTN problems are the old copper infastructure that everyone wants to avoid fixing besides customers. 

Oh, and how do I know you are on FTTN? - Welcome to the club, it's happening to almost all FTTN customers and it doesn't matter if you are with Telstra, Optus, iinet, TPG ect. They all rent off NBN and the problem is the copper parts of NBN that Telstra admitted 15 years ago was already a corroded mess that needed repair/replacing. 

And NBN in their next 4 year contract plan only stated they would improve speeds on FTTP but not FTTN. In otherwords, this problem is going to stick around for a long time yet. 

More than likely, 5G rollout will come before the copper line of FTTN are reliable and fixed. Blame the Liberal government for shafting the original full scale roll out of FTTP because apparently it was too expensive - meanwhile the cost of FTTN so far has gone well beyond that. 

The solution is FTTP and new nodes, but both service providers and NBN are reluctant to acknowledge this or resolve it. 

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