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NBN Beeliar Peak Time log...

Just last month, a good portion of the Beeliar suburb got their NBN finally available. This means us too,which we got just at the start of November. For us, we connect to the South Cogee POI. Since then, I've been looking closely at the speeds I'm getting. I use a standard speed tier (22/4), which at it's peak, should be on 15/4.


First disappointment is the ping.


This was my typical ADSL performance. 6ms to server. Later on with NBN you'll see my latency go up some 11ms, even go as far as more than twice (16ms). My latency to other servers also increased by 6-8ms all an all. You know, for a technology predicated on using fiber, I'd expect the latency to go down, not up and certainly not this much!


Anyways, after getting consecutive amounts of low speed of peak times, I've decided to log the speeds I'm getting over the past week or so.


11-11-17 1734 Sat.PNG

Seems to be fair so far.



11-12-17 2124 Sun.PNG

Already falling below 10Mbps. Even the upload seems wack.



11-13-17 2157 Mon.PNG

Wait, what in the world? That ping! And 5Mbps? Not only is this a ridiculously large latency, the speed is like, less that half of what their peak time speed states!



11-14-17 1811 Tues.PNG

A little early that 7PM, which is what Telstra said is the start of the peak time. Meh, looks like we have finally reached the levels below 10Mbps.



11-15-17 1457 Wed.PNG

I thought of looking a little early in the day, outside of peak times, to see how it goes cause we usually get the "alright" speeds for that, but hmmm... I don't remember singing for an ADSL plan out of nowhere.

Just to be sure, I checked later on:

11-15-17 1926 Wed.PNG

Yep, still disappointing.



11-19-17 1507 Sun.PNG

3PM! Outside of supposed peak times! I mean, I know it's Sunday and all but damn...



11-21-17 1834 Tues.PNG11-21-17 2235 Tues.PNG

Now even the ping gets hampered down. Never once in ADSL have I had my ping spike up this much despite certain ver very few times that my speed went down.



11-22-17 1516 Wed.PNG

I... I just don't have any words anymore...


I think its pretty apparent Telstra didn't thought this area much through. This is just the first month of NBN and we're already like this. Pretty sure more and more customers may come. What speeds am I to be looking forward to then?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Beeliar Peak Time log...

That's pretty standard as an area comes online. The amount of CVC gets adjusted as more customers are connected, but there can be a few weeks lag.


Give 1800 834 273 a call and reprt the issue just to be sure it is noted.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: NBN Beeliar Peak Time log...

My main issue has been the constant reboots from the modem itself. As for the speed. I was generally getting 16-18 Mbps on ADSL2 and since switching to NBN I've been getting 28Mbps on the standard tier. Speed test shows only 23Mbps but downloading on usenet shows 28Mbps and for comparisons sake I'm at the end of Britannia ave in Beeliar. I figured I'd be getting terrible speeds but surprisingly the only issue I have is with the modem. Have you been experiencing a lot of drop outs and what modem are you using? Might be better off getting a modem with a broadcom chipset if you're suffering from bad line quality.

Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Beeliar Peak Time log...

@Edgwuana, if the modem is rebooting itself on a regular basis, give 1800 834 273 a call as it sounds like there may be a fault with the modem itself.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: NBN Beeliar Peak Time log...

I just contacted telstra and made a ticket. God knows how long this will take. I kept reminding them that they need to get their CVCs straight. I mean it makes sense that they adjust CVC when new customers arrive. The problem is that they do not adjust it good enough.


Also, I'm not using the modem Telstra gave me. That modem just... sucks. Sorry, there's just no other words to describe it. I'm using TP-Link VR900, and that has broadcom chipset.


On the side note, I need to question; how in the world did my ping get worse when jumping from ADSL to NBN??!! My exchange back then should be at least 1 or 2km away from me and all that in between us is copper wire. According to the FTTN spec, the node should just around 400m average, and then it's fiber all the way to the POI. How in the world did NBN had higher latency than ADSL??? I need to bring this up to telstra tech once they get back on me with that ticket.

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