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NBN/Broadband Outage

We have home broadband with NBN HFC. Over the weekend both the Telstra and NBN modems went out after a storm although there was no power outage. I contacted Telstra via the Message APP on Monday and after 1 hr it was arranged for the NBN technician to visit which he did on Tuesday to install a new box. However he said we also needed a new Telstra Modem. On Tuesday afternoon I spend 2 1/2 hrs on the message app trying to fix the problem until I said that I wasn't prepared to spend any more time on it going over the same things and to please have someone ring me about coming out and fixing the problem.  This morning I got a call from the same person wanting to start unplugging cables etc. the same as yesterday. I was out  so he said he would ring back in 3 hours which he hasn't done. Now when I check on our faulttracker it is saying the case is closed. Where do I go from here? This is terrible service. 

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Re: NBN/Broadband Outage

The tech told you that you needed a new modem.  You can test alternate modems, if available, to confirm his diagnosis, but chances are pretty good he is right.  Storms, if they have lightning etc, can damage modems.

Storm damage is not covered in the warranty, so you'll have to buy a new modem.

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Re: NBN/Broadband Outage

Even if modem was damaged in storm Telstra will still replace under warranty if less than two years old and was provided by Telstra.


Have been able to convince Telstra the modem is faulty and have they tprovided you with a replacement?

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