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NBN Broadband - unable to process an order

I've been trying to connect home broadband with Telstra since late November. My 3rd order (4th including a dummy order) that was placed on the 1st of this month is now being cancelled so it can be placed again.
The most frustrating part of this ordeal, is that I have been in contact with Telstra daily for the last two weeks, and have tried calling NBN Co to no avail.
Tonight this has culminated in the realisation that even though I have clearly outlined my situation to multiple telstra staffv including connections case manager and complaints manager, none have been able to relay this to NBN to identify that the order had been placed incorrectly... An order which was actually raised after detailing my situation at the time as well, so a failure there too.
It was not until being informed of another NBN tech appointment next month that I had to more forcefully push passed the default "order in progress" and "the technician will install" responses I was being provided initially and requested a technical explanation from NBN for the need for the appointment.

I have asked for my connections manager (for the second time now) to get in contact with me asap, I really need someone to restore my confidence that I will finally be connected.


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Re: NBN Broadband - unable to process an order

Someone else on these forums complained of a similar issue.
Could you just get Telstra to supply broadband compatible with what you want eg: ADSL => VDSL when NBN finally connects you. Then I understand there is no charge for when you switch to NBN. Just inform Telstra if needs be. You don't have to wait for NBN to be connected for Telstra to supply a connection now.
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Re: NBN Broadband - unable to process an order

The property has previously been connected to the NBN network, so my understanding is a copper broadband connection is not possible.
The new order is being processed now and i've been told i will receive a call tomorrow to update me on where things are at regardless of progress which is good. Assuming everything goes through smoothly this time (and I am not sent out a 3rd gateway) i'll be happy.

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