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NBN Cabling from utility Box to Inside premises



We have just signed up to a Telstra Home Broadband plan on NBN and I'm trying to work out what I need to do to get the NBN into the house.


We currently have ADSL2 from another ISP and our house has an internal patch panel for phone and ethernet outlets. We also have a small PABX (It's a long story).


NBN utility box was installed on the front of our garage when installs were being done in the street but to get cabling from there into the wiring enclosure area in the centre of the house requires quite a bit of stuffing around so I'm trying to understand whether Telstra normally just use the existing in-premises phone cabling or run new cables from the utility box to give better bandwidth to take advantage of the NBN speed and bandwidth.



1 - is fresh cabling usually run into the premises from the NBN utility box?

2 - Is this fibre (if not, what type of cable is it? - That way I may be able to run it in advance to minimise stuffing around at the install day.)


Any other advuce on what to watch out for would be much appreciated.








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Re: NBN Cabling from utility Box to Inside premises

The NBN box is the termination for the optical fibre, it is also known as a Network Terminating Unit. From there you have a LAN cable, I am not sure if they use cat 5 or cat 6 cable, to their T-Gateway or what ever internal equipment they install

The T-Gateway has 1x 1000Mbt port and 3x 100Mbt ports. It also has a standard telephone port on the back which would then feed you phones.

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Re: NBN Cabling from utility Box to Inside premises

Hi Bob,


The NBN Utility Box is that grey box on the outside of your house/garage.  When they come to install the NTU inside your house, the cable between the utility box and the NTU is fibre - not ethernet.


The NTU and optional battery backup power supply are always installed inside your house - and negotiation with the installer will determine where it can be installed.  If you plan to get conduit run from the NBN Utility Box to where you want the NTU located - that would most likely aleviate any issues the installer may have about the effort to get the fibre cable run from the utility box to your patch panel.   Includng a draw wire in the conduit would also make their life much easier as well..


Good luck with the install !



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