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nbn connected but no internet access

I was connected to the nbn on 12/10 (FTTN) & since then have had no internet connectivity.

i have called the faults number numerous times but they are unable to do anything about it & will not escalate it.

INC000090916541 was raised on 12/10 (as was complaint SR1-2224972828297) but I keep being told it will be 24-48 hours before it is resolved - been told that three times now.

Last call has resulted in a nbn trouble ticket being raised (INC300000673129) with a tech coming out in the morning.  They won’t find anything though, there is nothing wrong with the L2 connection to the node, VDSL2 standing up fine.

Am about to cancel my Telstra account & go with another ISP who CAN actually connect me to the internet.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: nbn connected but no internet access

Your VDSL link could be okay but your line might be jumpered to the wrong port in the Node. Only a visit by a NBN Technician will be able to determine if this is the problem. If you are jumpered to the wrong port and the port is programmed to another ISP the VDSL link will be up but you will have no internet access.

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