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NBN Connection Does Technician Need To Visit

I have an existing HFC Cable Broadband plan and have ordered a change to an NBN plan.


There is an existing HFC coaxial port in the house and a grey box on the outside wall which has been there for a long time, from before the NBN, I suspect the previous owners had a Foxtel plan.


I have been using that coaxial port since we moved in for Cable Broadband and have never had issues getting to the 100Mbps limit of my current plan, i.e. the connection is pretty good for HFC.


I have received the NBN hardware both the Arris CM8200 and the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 boxes. As part of the order a visit by an NBN technician has scheduled. I am at a loss as to why this is deemed to be necessary. If we were talking about FTTP, I wish, I could understand the need to have an NTD installed. But I have an already active coax cable running to where the computers live and have been on cable for years. Can anyone tell me why I need the visit?

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Re: NBN Connection Does Technician Need To Visit

If you have received the equipment, it would seem to be a 'self installation', what documentation did you get in the box? I would suggest you try setting it up yourself.


I went the same path, albeit a couple of years ago - it is an easy process.


- Disconnect whatever is already there

- Connect the coaxial cable to the Arris CM8200

- Connect the power to the CM8200 and let it start up..  it could take several minutes 

- The Arris should settle to 4 steady indicators , mine are all green.

- If not, note what is happening with the indicators.

If you don't get to a steady state, then a technician visit might be required. However, the Smart Modem 2 includes a 4G capability that will give you an internet connection in the meantime.


Now for the Smart Modem 2, unbox and set that up near the Arris CM2000

- Connect the power - it will turn on and start to initialise

- Connect an ethernet cable from the port on the CM8200 to the WAN port on the SM2

- Watch the indicators on the back, and also the main light on the front

- If the NBN service is working, the front indicator should get to Green state

- If no NBN the the from indicator should get to Blue stat (4G backup mode)


If it gets to blue state, then you can still connect devices to the SM2 (use a cable from the LAN port to start with) and connect to the internet. It will seem slow.


The Arris and Smart Modem 2 could both go through a series of resets - firmware up dates, so give the setup plenty of time to settle.


Are you getting a phone service as well? If you have a corded phone, you can plug that into the green phone socket. Cordless phones with a base unit can also connect to that port but..  not all of them are compatible with the SM2. If you have a DECT wireless handset/s, than that might be compatible. but leave that for now. Getting connected to the internet is the priority.


If  you have a laptop or PC you can use with a cable, then you connect that to the SM2 LAN ports and open the modem User Interface using the address  log in is admin/Telstra (see the bottom of the modem - the wifi details are there as well).


A note of caution, a recent firmware update to the SM2's causes some devices to not be able to connect to Wi-Fi..  it is an easy fix but first get it all working to some extent? Smiley Happy


There are two versions of the Smart Modem 2, very similar but there are differences. The Make/Model is also on the label, or can be seen on the User Interface. make a note of which one you have. 


Come back here with the results so far....

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Re: NBN Connection Does Technician Need To Visit

Something else I would add, so you don't get a 'surprise', is that you might find you 'new' NBN Internet speed to be only half what you had previously. Such is life with the NBN..  but, for extra cost you can get the SpeedBoost addon from Telstra which will get you back to the original 100 Mbps.


In my opinion, it is not very fair that that happens and I would suggest you talk/chat to Telstra about some sort of discount for that service, which is required to duplicate what you had before...

Stevo 52
Too many devices, probably an addict :-) also a tinkerer and developer of stuff..
Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!

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