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NBN Connection drops 2x a day when using Meraki MX64 SD-WAN


I have a strange issue currently.

I have installed a Meraki MX64 and have it set up as my router on my network. (this unit is connected directly to the nbn ntu.

The connection will work fine and no issues however roughly 2 times a day (one during the day and one during the night) the internet will be disconnected.
The internal network will be fine and can ping and connect to devices internally but not able to reach out.

If i power cycle the nbn co. NTU everything is restored and continues to work fine.

I originally had the Telstra smart modem (gen 2) only running as my router and never experienced a dropout in over 9 months. (4G is poor in my area so would have noticed a cutover to 4G)
I also tried to bridge my Telstra modem and handover to the MX64 and this had the same issue I am experiencing now but the dropouts would happen a lot more often (say 3-5 times a day)

The Meraki logs show this error over and over when there is an outage:

DHCP problem extra: no_offers_received, vap: 0, vlan: 0

The MX64 is set to provide DHCP to my internal network and the DNS it is set to report to is googles /

Any info would be great on this, I have heard something about Telstra needing to whitelist the mac address of my router but this seems strange as it's a connection to NBN co and not to Telstra?

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Re: NBN Connection drops 2x a day when using Meraki MX64 SD-WAN

Telstra does not need to whitelist the MAC address off your router. Optus uses the MAC of the modem / router to authenticate the connection but Telstra does not.


This seems to be a common problem with NBN HFC connections but usually it does not require a reset of the NBN NTU. It seems to be due to the server renewing the DHCP lease. I am not familiar with the MX64 so can't suggest any fixes.

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