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NBN connection FAIL

Why is it that a company the size of Telstra has no humans making decisions?! Telstra in their wisdom disconnected our existing internet service without even checking whether we had received the required nbn connection box! So now we are both working from home with no internet and no sign of the connection box which should have been delivered 6 days ago!

Why would there be no ‘trigger’ to highlight the hardware HAS NOT been delivered, before someone just follows what the system says and disconnect

I’m sure this has happened to many other customers

On top of this, the people on the live chat provided incorrect information, an example of which is, “yOu can go to a Telstra shop and get an NBN connection box”, so off I drive late yesterday after a day spent trying to get Telstra to resolve the issue, only to be told by the shop “we don’t sell the connection box, only the modem”! Suffice to say, I was not amused!

So once again back onto Telstra to yet another ‘support’ person who tells me they have escalated the issue to a case manager and that I would get a call late yesterday or today, of course this has not happened!

No acceptance of error at any time or offer of compensation, due to not being able to work

I will be fighting for compensation Telstra

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: NBN connection FAIL

We have the same issue as well, only we have been waiting 2 months for our nbn connection box. I don’t think we will ever get! We will never go with Telstra again

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