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NBN Connection issues


I am trying to get an NBN connection for my new house. The house is about 2km from the nearest Telstra landline. According to the NBN rollout map fixed wireless is available on parts of the property but the address has not been added to their database. I contacted NBNCo and they said to contact a service provider to initiate the process of adding my address to the database. I did that a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would check on the status last night with Telstra. The chat lady said the order had been cancelled. I said yes that is correct as Telstra tried to tell me that an ADSL connection was possible until I pointed out the 2km distance but the order with NBNCo should still be active. She then tried to tell me that Telstra do not sell NBN without a copper connection as they need the copper for a landline.

"Since ADSL cannot be provided in the area it could be the reason why NBN has not been rolled out since they would normally use the same existing copper lines for the technology."

I then pointed out that the NBN connection would be Fixed Wireless and her response was;


Fixed Wireless would still use copper for the landline. Is there an existing lead in?If we apply NBN with Telstra- a phone line is provided too since Telstra does not have a stand alone internet.
Thats regardless of the technology type"
I then asked if I should try another provider and her response was;
"I am not saying that. If Telstra cannot provide ADSL most likely other network wont be able to do so."
I gave up at this stage but is any of what she said correct? What is the point of fixed wireless if you still need a copper connection? Is she confusing ADSL with NBN?


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Re: NBN Connection issues

You won't get a copper landline unless you had an existing one. Everything will be over the fixed wireless connection. You need to ask them to submit then NBN Address Feedback form to get your address added to NBN's system.
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Re: NBN Connection issues

As far as I knew that is what was done the NBN address feedback. 
but why is the Telstra chat op now saying I need a lanfline?

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Re: NBN Connection issues

It appears that the person you chatted with was wrong

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Re: NBN Connection issues

Tonight I asked a different operator if the NBN Address Feedback form had been submitted and was told that it had. It really helps if you know the correct terminology. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for NBNCo to investigate?

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