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NBN connection Kit

Hi. I'm wondering why I haven't received my NBN Connection Kit. I'm not connected to Telstra ADSL because I'm unable to get adsl because of Pair Gain issues. My friends received their kit already but we didn't... p.s. nbn construction has began and the technology is FTTN. Should I call Telstra to send us the connection kit?? What should I do?? Will I get nbn even though I'm on Pair Gain?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN connection Kit

You will eventually get NBN but because your on a pair gain system NBN might need to install extra cabling to the Node to connect your house. NBN is trying to connect as many customers as possible in the shortest period of time so they connect the customers that don't require addition work first.


You could call Telstra on 1800 993 728 and request to be connected and send you a connection kit

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