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NBN Connection Slow Down

I connected to NBN through Telstra 9 months ago. Plan has a speed boost (upto 50mbps/20mbps). Been satisfied with speeds around 25mbps/18mbps. All of a sudden start experiencing drop outs last week and speed reduced to 3mbps/3mbps. Telstra say it is line capacity?? Could this be right?

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Re: NBN Connection Slow Down

3Mb/s down and 3 Mb/s up is not acceptable. I would lodge a fault by calling Telstra NBN support on 1800 834 273 and insist that the low speeds are fixed. If Telstra does not agree to fix the problem lodge an online complaint.


It could be a capacity problem but if its is Telstra should provide more capacity. If not a capacity problem it could also be a line or equipment fault which should be fixed,


If you are normally only getting 25 Mb/s down and 18 Mb/s up and you don't need the extra upload speed I would also request a refund on the speed boost. Telstra standard NBN speed is 25/5

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