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NBN connection when moving house.

This has been a nightmare. Sold my old house, bought new house. Phoned Telstra on 12 January - please disconnect home phone and NBN broadband connection from old address on 16 January, and connect to new address on 22 January. New house is all fitted out for NBN but they are with another provider

Problem # 1 - can't reconnect at the new house without a Telstra technician coming out to check that the back up battery is functioning OK. He can't get there before 29 January "between 1pm & 5pm". You will have no landline number or NBN Broadband internet connection before he comes and checks it out. (PS I work from home). 

OK... fair enough. I will just use my mobile as a hotspot for my laptop and make do with that until 29 January. No problem says Blade from Telstra, what I'll do then is give you extra GB on your mobile plan to cover that the rest of January and into February just to make sure you have enough on your mobile, and we won't charge you for it.

29 January - Technician comes - I have hooked everything up. He is here 3 minutes, does a few things. Yep, you're all good - your internet and home phone are working (which they were). Great. Thanks for a fantastic service.!!!

30 January - Problem #2 - home phone no longer working. Call Telstra. Now I get the dreaded "case manager". Not sure what the problem is, we'll have to get back to you to arrange an appointment for a technician to come and check it out. Will have the resolve the "blank out"?? before we can make the technician appointment. Will call you on Monday 2 February.

2 February - no phone call

3 February - I call my case manager. No answer. Leave a message. Also I get a bill from Telstra via email. Guess what? TProblem #3 they have charged me for the extra GB data on my mobile phone despite Blade telling me that they wouldn't. So I call them and they tell me that I have to pay it but they've put details on their system and I should be credited in the next account when this is all sorted out?????

4 February - Problem # 4 now I have no internet and no home phone. I call my case manager, who's now on leave. Speak to someone else. Not sure what the problem is. We have to send out a technician. Can't make the appointment for the technician because of other issues with the activation????Will call you back

5 February - OK, now we can make the appointment. I can get someone out to you tomorrow between 10am and 2pm. That's great. OK, let me just confirm that appointment goes through our system and I'll call you back. 

5 February - the call back. Problem # 5 Sorry, I tried to make that appointment but there was an error with the system - now we have to wait for 24 hours before we can go back in and reschedule the appointment. Very sorry - nothing we can do.

6 February - I call after the 24 hours are up.Yes we can now reschedule the appointment. How does 1pm-5pm today sound (this is at 1.30pm). Sounds great to me! OK let me talk to the technician and check this out and I'll call you back in 20 minutes......

20 minutes later - very sorry, can't get the technician there this afternoon. Problem # 6 Next available appointment is 24 February !!!!!!!!!(18 days away)!!!!!! My response, within that 18 days I will have both lodged a complaint with the TIO, and also have switched service providers. 

1 hour later - I have submitted an online complaint to the TIO. 


Perhaps via this post I can get some sort of action because I have called most of your 1800 and 13 numbers but always referred back to the case manager who "unfortunately can't do anything". I just need my NBN hooked up at my new address, and NOW! Is that too much to ask?


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: NBN connection when moving house.

Hi ArtVandelay,


That sounds very frustrating. Your case manager is in the best position to get your appointment at the earliest possible time. They have access to resources that our normal front of house teams do not. If they have been unable to get an earlier appointment it is unlikely that it will be possible to get anyone out any earlier. Having said that, if you can let me know the reference number for your case manager I am happy to see if there is anything that can be done

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