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NBN connection with Netgear Nighthawk

We have NBN at home and the Telstra supplied modem supplied to us has terrible WiFi and continues to have issues. I have today gone out and bought a Netgear Nighthawk Modem Router but for some reason it doesnt seem to recognise my internet? any ideas on why this might be happening, or how I can set this up manually its asking me for my IP address?

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Re: NBN connection with Netgear Nighthawk

There are many types of NBN connection.

I am assuming you have NBN FTTN because you bought a modem.

FTTN requires a modem that support VDSL2. However please note that not all VDSL2 modems is compatible with NBN.


It is not enough for a modem to just have VDSL2 support – it must support all of the required nbn features and have them switched on.


Please check that the modem you bought is compatible with NBN FTTN here:.



Please also note that you will have no access to landline if you use your own modem.

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Re: NBN connection with Netgear Nighthawk

So many problems, so many experts, bUT, it would appear that no one has a solution to the problems with this modem.
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Re: NBN connection with Netgear Nighthawk

@dm4 wrong Nighthawk. He's not referring to the mobile broadband type

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