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NBN Connectivity goes live

How can I tell when my account has been switched over to NBN so that I can install my kit?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN Connectivity goes live

You should have been told the day and a rough estimate time when you will be switched to NBN. Unless you are in a remote locality and are using satellite or in some cases fixed wireless you should will loose dial tone when switched to NBN if your phone is still plugged into the normal wall phone socket.

If you have an ADSL connection and will have a FTTN, FTTC or FTTB NBN connection then the Gateway in the NBN kit can be connected at any time, The pone will still need to be connect using the existing ADSL filter/splitter until connected to NBN. The gateway should work with your existing ADSL connection. You might need to log into the gateway go to the broadband section and enter your Internet user name an password for connection to work.

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