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NBN Fault - How darn hard is it??

Hi All..


This is the crappy poor service telstra gives..


I have NBN, Fibre to the Premises, I am on 100/40 Super Fast Speed Boost.


For the last week or so I have been having issues:


- Webpages will not load, have to refresh page to get them to load

- Picture on webpages will not load, text only

- Intermittant speed issues, lag when gaming.

- Flash content not loading at all.

- Video's constantly buffering and stuff.


Anyway, I rang support, who asked what equipment I had and how it was setup, I clearly stated first up, the problem is not my WiFi, Ethernet connection or anything as I have tested the fault directly plugged into the NBN Box, so I have eliminated those already.


I got asked to do a speed test.


Down: 92.08Mbps

Up: No result, upload speed slowely reduced to 0Mbps and then timed out!


Tech on phone said, oh your connection is fine as your download speed got 92.08Mbps.


I said to him, no it is is, the upload speed should be way higher, I usually average around 35-36Mbps.


He then said it must be my WiFi, I clearly said to him again, no, I use Ethernet on main PC, and I have also plugged my laptop directly into NBN box and I have the same problem!


Ok he said, I will be back in minute, I get put on hold.


He comes back and then states we must test WiFi and Ethernet.


WHAT THE FLAP????????????????????????


Is he not listening?




Anyway, after another minute or so trying to explain to him my equipment is not the issue, he insisted we test WiFi and Ethernet and so on, I got pissed off, raged and hung up on him.


I made a complaint through complaints section.


Told the complaints team if I can't get a Tech to call me with half a fricken brain, one who listens to me, YOUR customer, and fixes the issue, then you can cencel my contract for Free, and I will go to another provider.


So here I am, now having to refresh webpages all the time to get it to load, can't watch online video as it buffers for 5 minutes and Telstra have no Idea.

So frustrating.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Fault - How darn hard is it??

It can be pretty hard when you have jumped ahead. The consultants that you talk to initially on the phone are just following their prompts and a lot of them can't deviate from them.


Have you tried resetting the NBN Box? It could just need to reconnect to the network in order to reestablish the uplink channel properly.

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Re: NBN Fault - How darn hard is it??

Yes I have reset NBN box, just did it again to try once more.

First run on the download bit would not complete, I clicked refresh on web page, the download part finished at 94Mbps however upload will not finish at all, just decreases to 0Mbps over time and times out.
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Re: NBN Fault - How darn hard is it??

I think I may of fixed it.


I spammed reset it several time (NBN Box), eventually I got assigned a different IP address, and now I can complete a Speedtest!


Also pictures and what not seem to be loading now.


Touch Wood.

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