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nbn fibre to the node & home phone?

NBN is available @ my home & I'm wondering whether I can still connect my home phones through the 2 home phone ports I have in my house?

I have a T hub which is connected to my Telstra modem by cat5 cable then wirelessly to the 7 inch tablet device. I have one direct handset in one socket and a wireless device with answering machine and an additional handset in another room.

I don't want to be tied to having the home phone just available from the modem. I want to use my existing house phone sockets.

My visit to the local Mornington Telstra store was less than helpful as the young person to whom I spoke knew nothing about T Hub & couldn't tell me whether my existing phone sockets in the house are useless, or indeed anything other than trying to flog me the in store set up. Which had a gleeming little black box which allowed me to watch Foxtel (I don't want to watch FOXTEL!!!)

Help please

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Re: nbn fibre to the node & home phone?

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Re: nbn fibre to the node & home phone?

You will not be able to use those two phone sockets for phone without rewiring sockets.


One will be used for the FTTN connection. The other one can be rewired to a new socket near the gateway if you want to extend the phone port on the gateway to another room. The existing wiring between socket 1 and 2 that once disconnected from socket 1 (socket used for FTTN) can be connected to new socket


The basic gateway only has one phone port so if you want to connect two phones order the gateway with two phone ports.


Exiting setup


Street------------------Phone Socket 1----------------------Phone socket 2



New setup


Street------------------Phone Socket 1


                                    Gateway----------------------------Home Internet


                                  New Phone Socket-----------------Phone Socket 2



Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: nbn fibre to the node & home phone?

Hi IanTMM,


As cf4 has mentioned, you will be able to use the existing sockets however they will need to be rewired to be compatible with the NBN connection. 


Please feel free to contact our NBN team directly on 1800 834 273 if you require further assistance with this. 



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