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NBN fixed wireless Antenna

Hi All, since my NBN was installed 2 years ago my connection strength has dropped from 3 bars to 1, it also has a dropout every now and then, (at least 1 every hour) I believe the trees between myself and the tower have grown inline with where the dish was originally installed on the side of the house, does anyone know if it is possible to move the dish to the other end of the house which has a clear line of sight to the tower?

and who you would need to speak to? cost etc? its about 30 meters difference

Any help much appreciated

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN fixed wireless Antenna

I would give 1800 834 273 a call and explain the problem.


They should be able to put a request through to NBN Co to get it relocated.

As far as cost goes, that's going to depend on how long it takes and what materials are required. I haven't seen a table that has NBN Co standard callout costs for that type of work.

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