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NBN Fixed Wireless Speed Question (note not a technical issue - query on what options are available)



I recently joined the NBN Network and just took up a standard bundle. My download speeds are 25mbps and upload is 5mbps. Ive done some research and this seems to be the maximum speed for the particular tier I am on. How do I upgrade to a higher tier and is it worth the cost? (Note this speed is the same on all devices tested and I am using a Telstra T-Gateway router as supplied by Telstra with my bundle). 


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tried looking in the Telstra FAQ's but cant find what I am looking for. Please post links if this is already outlined somewhere on here. 





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Re: NBN Fixed Wireless Speed Question (note not a technical issue - query on what options are availa

Telstra as a standard use NBN Tier 2 speeds (being the 25/5 you are receiving), up until recently this was the fastest Fixed Wireless speed NBN Co offered, however with Fixed Wireless you can now increase this up to Tier 4 speeds (being 50/20) for an extra $10 per month.

The details of the speeds and the speed boost (the 50/20 is the Very Fast Speed Boost) are on the Telstra website here:

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