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NBN fixed wireless

I find it rather annoying to be given double my download limit, and then, almost at the same time, my evening speed cuts by half. (Spreyton, Tasmania)

I'm (supposedly) on a 25/5 plan. Up until the start of the second week of December, I used to get approx. 15-17(best ever) Mbps of a morning until 2PM-ish, and a gradual slowing during the afternoon to 10-12(best ever)Mbps of an evening.

I received 2 E-mails from Telstra 2 days apart at the start of December saying that my broadband may be interrupted, one saying on the 5th, and one saying on the 6th, Due to planned Telstra / NBN co. tower maintenance in my area.

Well I dunno about interrupted, maybe severely disturbed would cover it better...

It's almost as if the maintenance crew nicked the antenna facing my direction and pointed it somewhere else!

Ever since then, although my daytime figures haven't changed all that much,  my evening speed struggles to make double figures. A couple of ookla speed tests done tonight at 9:49PM and 10:00PM sum up the average of my last 3 weeks : 6.49 and 6.51 Mbps download and 4.13 and 4.21 upload speeds. That is straight off the modem, not via wi-fi. I tried in vain to get through on the 1800834273 number, after verifying my details, the computerised voice put me on hold. I gave up after 40 minutes of muzak. I then looked on the help pages and followed the suggested list. I have switched everything (the computer, NBN box, modem) off and on again, and given it time to reboot- no different. I've got a spare tg797 modem, I have tried that as well -no difference.

I used to be on adsl1, It NEVER got this bad, EVER. (I wish I still was, to be honest)

Where do I go from here?


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: NBN fixed wireless

Sorry to hear, Tanky2. Appreciate you going into detail. 

You'll want to speak to our NBN team on 1800 834 273; they're typically quite quick to answer.

They must have been particularly swamped when you tried.

Please get in touch with them, and let us know the outcome.

Appreciate your patience - Matthew.

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