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NBN FTTC Connection Question


I have been a very happy Telstra Bigpond customer for many years.  I am an Network engineer and software developer. Hence, I have been mostly working from my home office for over 20 years now.

Currently, I am on an unlimited HFC connection which consistently achieves 110Mbps downstream and 6 Mbps upstream Which is plenty (for the moment). 

We now have NBN FTTC running by our premises in the “ready to connect” mode. 
As I understand it, I need to connect to the NBN FTTC “Distribution Point” via a copper “telephone line”.  The NBN “distribution point” on the “curb” will convert from copper to Fiber and then take me to the wider Fiber optic network. 
My problem is that the telephone termination point in my house is not “co-located” with all my other digital termination points and electricity set-up.
Therefore, I assume I have two choices:

(1) Move/add my telephone termination point to be co-located with my other termination points. This means I then just need to replace my cable modem with the NBN connection box and the new Telstra Smart modem.

(2) Or connect to the NBN Distribution Point via my existing HFC

I do not believe that (2) above is something that is achievable - meaning that I need to adopt the strategy in option 1. 
I assume I need to do this at my expense. 
Any comments?





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Re: NBN FTTC Connection Question

Interestingly, my premises are listed as NBN Service Class 32. This Service Class says that a technician will come and “install my wall-plate and NTD”. So, maybe I don’t need to worry about doing this myself. 


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Re: NBN FTTC Connection Question

That only applies to HFC connections service class 22. On FTTC service class 32 is 


Class 32The property is within the FTTC footprint. Copper lead in is present but not connected to DPU. An NCD is required


Option 1 is the only option and shifting your connection at your own expense.


For NBN HFC NBN co has to ireplace some of the existing Telstra equipment on the coaxial cable and It would not be commercially viable to maintain the coax cable just for one customer.



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