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NBN - FTTN and Smart Gen 2 Problems

Since March I have been experiencing drops outs on NBN FTTN. Here is the run down of what I have been through already and done. 

1. Contacted support, they told me it was an internal bridge tap issue - Telstra Technician was booked.
2. Telstra Technician arrive, said I do not have any internal bridge tap - only a single wall socket connected to network boundary point - Issue was escalated to Technician.
3. NBN technician arrive and check node, not sure what was done but problem resolved for a day or two.
4. Drop outs continued, contacted support again - issue escalated once again to technician.
5. Technician comes out, problem resolves for a day or two, then resumes. 
6. Repeated step 4 and 5 about 8 more times - I have had roughly 8-9 technician visits. 

Over the span of these several months, I have had a replacement modem, lines check nearly a dozen times, stability profile added and removed, sync issues cleared and still problem persists. 

There has also been 3 periods of "Network Maintenance" in my area to which none of these changed the outcome - DSL Bitloading in Diagnostics still show the same pattern with a possible external bridge tap issue - several of them. 

I wrote to telstra via email and complained, I contacted operator on their website, I have spent hours on the phone in call waiting, I have spent additional hours on the chat app going through the same process of escalating to for the issue to remain. 

Today I just had yet another technician come out - he returned to my house to say the line is better now. The gateway dropped out infront of him as he said this. The light turned white, meaning it loses power completely or does a firmware update. Recently this is what has been different with the drop outs - it has been going to a white light instead of the typical orange>red>blue>green loop. 

He said the Telstra Gateways are not good, and that he will order me a different one. He said the issue is it is losing power, which appears to be happening as all the lights turn off except the white light. 

Heres my problem though. During all this nonsense over the last several months, I was forcing the gateway into 4G backup to keep a stable connection while it was doing vast amounts of link retrain counts. When I pull the DSL line out and force it into 4G - it stays blue and NEVER has a power drop out to white light. 

So why is it, when I put a DSL line in... suddenly now the gateway has power issues? suddenly now it drops to white light? This is by logic and process of elimination NOT a power issue, but rather something being sent down the DSL line causing a reset trigger on my gateway. 

What else have I done? I put in a complaint to the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsmen) stating everything that I have experienced over the last 5 or so months. I have been paying my bill full and on time every month, and I am not even requesting refunds - just a service that works. 

In addition to this, installed a new yellow line in the pit outside my house - but unfortunately my line is not underground and runs above on the telegraph posts. It took several visits just to realize that the old ADSL line was still connected. 

So naturally one has to assume there is something more going on here than just sheer incompetence. Who is paying for all these technicians? Who are customers getting fed up with? - or their Retail service provider?

Here is an interesting article I came across, it outlines exactly what has happened in Australia with the Liberal Government intentionally sabotaging the NBN. And why? Well because Rupert Murdoch owning the sole cable TV service in Australia (Foxtel), and Telstras previous monopoly on Internet actually viewed the NBN FTTP rollout as a threat to their control and dominance - they together pushed for FTTN instead while knowing that the copper infastructure was old and full of issues. 

Read more here>

Funny how the previous CEO of was replaced by a previous CEO of Telstra - and all of a sudden the FTTP plans were haulted and replaced with FTTN crap - that they KNEW was going to cause major disruption issues. 

But what do you get sold? That FTTN is great, that is perfectly fine - that every time you have an issue with it the default process is to focus in on your gateway, your internal wiring, your power supply - but what about the copper network that Telstra said 15 years ago was already in need of major repair/replacement? - oh no, that couldn't possible be the issue right?

Mark my words, after so many have been effected by this crap, it will became a major political focus coming into next year when the Government is due to auction off part of the 5 Ghz bandwidth. There is conflict of interest, lies, misconduct, and financial damages that the tax payer is wearing through both taxes and service. 

Once again >

Now after 10 or so NBN technician visits, 3 different gateways - you want to tell me just how the hell do I this issue fixed when both RSP and NBN want to ignore that FTTN copper lines IS the problem?. The solution is FTTP - it was the original plan of Labor government, and it was the enemy to Foxtel and their best friend Telstra. 

Here's my advice Telstra - just do the right thing, allow competition next time at the expense of saving your monopoly - because once people know the truth, you will lose it anyway. over 10 years I've been with Telstra, and right now Optus is looking pretty tempting with their 5G rollout. Go ahead, sabotage my connection even more, like ya havent done enough already for 6 fkn months already. 

Oh and the Telecommunications Ombudsman replied - you have until September the 2nd to stop these network drop outs, or ill be getting all my money back and saying bye bye. I hope you fix your service, I hope you start caring about your customers, I hope you start on a pathway of a more ethical and fair market practices - everyone will judge this, and thats a much bigger threat to your business survival than NBN FTTP ever was.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN - FTTN and Smart Gen 2 Problems

There has been a recent modem firmware update that added a new security protocol protected management frames (PMF). I have found that if this is enabled not only does it cause some of my WiFi devices not to have internet access but also causes some WiFi devices to reboot and the modem to reboot (front light turning white). Suggest you try disabling protected management frames in the advanced WiFi settings and save settings. Repeat for both WiFi bands.

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Re: NBN - FTTN and Smart Gen 2 Problems

I did notice this change and already disabled it. It has to do with blocking deauth packets - kinda like ddos attacks. But every operator gets your to "power cycle" - basically resetting factory settings to change it back. I also disable WPS key as those can be brute forced over WEP2 keys. I even changed channel bandwidths to avoid possible RF interferance. Also turned off things like printer sharing, telstra Air, guest networks, and changed SSID's. I also disabled auto band steering so there is not possible disruptions from any device (tv, notebooks - older devices) that may try to switch between 2.4gzh and 5 ghz networks. 

I've troubleshooted all these settings one by one, and with different gateways, even switching the backup sims between gateways. I have had 6 months to try just about everything. 

Again, what it comes down to is simply replacing FTTN with FTTP and getting rid of this rat chewed corroded copper infastructure. But no one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room, no one wants to consider the most obvious culprit - why? because that only results in costing money and neither RSP or NBN want to pay for it, so they both spar with each other on who is going to wear the more negative effect - that is, losing customers or paying for technicians over and over. 

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