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NBN FTTN sudden (permanent) drop in connection speed

I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me,


but after many weeks, I finally brought myself to accept the fact that my 50/20 service will drop to around 7Mbs in the evenings due to peak use,  at least I got full speed at other times of the day.


But  yesterday, my modem did a reset by itself and now my maximum connection speed (which used to connect at 51Mbs, has dropped to 34Mbs and stays there even after a manual reset).


I nicked down the road to see if someone was working on my line.  I found an open cabinet (a large 1800 pillar) and noone to be found.


It's still open today and it is raining.  (I have reported this to Telstra)


My understanding is that line connection speed is affected by many vartiables,  including distance from the node (about 550m) and joint quality.


Yesterday, someone changed something  which has now altered my line condition.


As I begin the painful process of trying to get this fixed, I am mindful that ...


1.  There is a general culture that if you are getting more than 25Mb, then you are simply "lucky"  (In fact NBN really only has to "guarantee" 12Mbs at the present time)


2.  Getting Telstra to do a physical line check is almost impossible unless your service is totally broken.


3.  These cabinets (whose design have been the same since the 70's) consist of wires wrapped around metal pegs, and techs often don't even solder these connections. There is a good chance that an open cabinet in the rain can degrade these connections affecting connection speeds (like an old scratchy analog telephone line) but not complete failure.


I am not looking forward to a tooth extraction in order to get my line improved to it's maximum potential when Telstra can hide behind the "It meets minimum requirements"  copout clause.


Like I said, I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me.


This is one of  the side effects of applying high speed modern technology to an aging copper network where every joint in the wire is a degradation point. 


Simply distuirbing the jumper wires in a cabinet can degrade performance.


Those of us on FTTN should be entitled to have our telephone lines at least perform at their maximum potential, but we will have to settle for the best we can hope for.


I don't think I will live to see the day that everyone is finally upgraded to fibre (which we all know WILL happen eventually as new 21st century services demand it).


Just my 2bobs worth.

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Re: NBN FTTN sudden (permanent) drop in connection speed

And, Telstra can'tdo the check anymore as it now belongs to NBN Co. So Telstra will have to put in a works order with NBN Co to get them to fix the problem.

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Re: NBN FTTN sudden (permanent) drop in connection speed

I bumped into the fellow who came to close the cabinet. (following my call to Telstra).  They respond quickly when they think their property is at risk ;-)


I noticed that the 1800 cabinets now use crimping terminals rather than the old metal posts.


My slower than yesterday speed still remains.

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Had 51Mbs connection for 6 weeks, suddenly down to 34Mbs. Do I have a case?

Since switching to the NBN (FTTN) I have been getting connection speeds of between 49 and 51Mbps.


2 days ago, my modem reset on it's own, and I now cannot get greater than 34Mbs connection


I am 550m from the node. 


Something changed 2 days ago.  Maybe a tech has added more NBN users in my street, maybe something has been disturbed when someone else's connection was installed.


From everyone's experience, what are my chances in getting this investigated as a service degradation fault?


Should I just "cop it sweet" and be thankful that I get better than 25Mbs?


or should I insist that my old telephone line and cable joints be inspected to ensure that I am getting the maximum potential from the 13 year old street cabling?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: NBN FTTN sudden (permanent) drop in connection speed


I've moved your other thread to this one as it's on the same topic. Please don't create multiple threads for the same topic.


Out of interest, when you are performing speed tests, is this done via Ethernet, or over Wi-Fi?

Is the same result received with a different device on the same network?

While the connection can be checked by the Tech Teams, there may not be a lot they can do about it.

It would need to go to NBN Co for assistance as advised by Jupiter above, however we'd need to rely on them checking it and not simply saying "It's fine because it's above [minimum speed]".

Have you tried to report the problem?


- Matt

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Re: NBN FTTN sudden (permanent) drop in connection speed

Hello Matt,


My post is about the actual modem connection speed dropping by 40%, the download speed has also dropped by the same amount as one would expect


I haven't reported my issue because (as you may have gathered from my post), there is a culture that if I am getting > 25, then I should just consider myself lucky, rather than being able to insist on the maximum potential from my current cabling.


The "above minimum speed" is my bugbear.


If indeed something has been damaged on my line, causing the drop in speed, it may not see anything done about it until the line has degraded "below minimum spec".


My frustration is the grey area here.  As a consumer, I should be able to enjoy the maximum speed that my "distance from the node" allows.  If I should get 60Mbits for my distance, then the NBN should not be able to shirk it's obligation by saying I'm still above min imum spec.


I can handle the fact that I am 550m from the node, but cannot handle the fact that my service is not at it's maximum potential over that distance.


Kinda like buying a V8 and then being told it has a fault, and can't go faster than 100kph, but that's all you need to meet the highway speed limit, so we don't have to fix it.


I have a case number and will be talking to a complaint resolution coordinator shortly.

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