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NBN FTTP Drop Outs, multiple times per week

NBN keeps dropping out, after multiple calls to Telstra and still unable to rectify problem. NBN comes back up and they say problem fixed, few days later same thing and same troubleshooting procedure and nbn back up and few days later same thing all over again...........Insane!


I am so fed up with Telstra/NBN, the service is appalling! In todays world, I find it incredible how Telstra/NBN cannot verify that I have no internet connection at their end???? The NBN box is not being assigned an IP address!!
Why do they make people go through an hour of troubleshooting if the NBN box is not even connected to their network????


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Re: NBN FTTP Drop Outs, multiple times per week

Hi Sir,
Good day!

Could you please provide us with the incident numbers of the previous tickets (if you have any).
Or kindly contact us on 132200 and inform the associate to check the details of your account about the previous ticket.


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Re: NBN FTTP Drop Outs, multiple times per week


This is the one from 4/1 last thursday INC00591076, still have not received an incident number for today as was promised by the assistant on the phone.
My internet is back up now of course and i will be told there is nothing wrong at 6pm tonight when telstra calls back.
And in 4 days time It will all repeat again, like groundhog day...
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Re: NBN FTTP Drop Outs, multiple times per week

Well my internet is down again.
An NBN technician rang me yesterday and told me that tgis would be monitored and that i would be sent an email with a direct number and incident number. No email to be seen!!!
Pull your heads out TELSTRA!!! This is pathetic service for which I am paying good money for!!!!

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