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NBN - Garbage

Does anyone know how to get an actual answer from Telstra/NBN on a update of a complaint. 

I have been complaining constantly of the performance (or lack of) my NBN connection.

Changing to the NBN would have to be one of the worst experience (and a lot of others I have been talking to) in dealing with Telstra and NBN........


Since changing fro a perfectly good ADSL connection to NBN it has been a constant battle with

- Drop outs for long periods of time, mainly on week ends 

- Lack of response by Telstra and NBN - I even rang complaints line this morning

finally got through only for their operators to hang up on both occassions!!!.

They can not tell you what the have done or are doing to rectify the problems - I can only assume Sweet F.A. as the problem has existed for months....The only thing I was told by one on the technicians that attended my premises was that it will "never" be great due to the copper connection it will "always drop out"??? I choose to ignore him, but I don't think so know. (opinion has changed)

How can Telstra

- Advertise how great NBN is?? when it isn't - maybe only in new area's definitely not in area's with copper attachments -is that false advertising??

- How can they actually charge for a service that you don't get!!!  "sort of dishonest?"

- And if the knew (which I am lead to believe from telstra personal) why didn't they correct

the problems ie remove copper and install fibre from the start.....

- Why aren't they supplying a free wi-fi modem to those experiencing problems unit they fix the problem....


I am lead to believe most third "world countries" have a far superior/reliable internet

than Telstra provides - What gives??? Why have the received copious amounts of money 

with a really crap return - who is accountable???

One not so happy customer (among many)






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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN - Garbage

Most of the complaints you have outlined are nothing to do with Telstra.

-Telstra can't tell you what has been done (or actually do much) to rectify the problem other than organize for NBN Co to send a technician to check it out (which it sounds like has already happened).
-Nobody will advertise that the NBN isn't great, ACCC would have a field day.
-Telstra has provided your service, in that they have organized for NBN Co to provision your line. Therefore can charge for it.
-Why didn't they correct the problem and remove the copper and install fibre from the start? Again, that was not Telstra's call. Telstra did not build the NBN and Telstra do not own the NBN, that would be the Government (through NBN Co).
-Which model modem do you have? The new one does have 4G backup.
-And finally, for the 3rd World comment and the crap returns. Again NBN Co owns and operates the NBN and is in turn owned by the Australian Government.
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Re: NBN - Garbage

Jupiter, All contact and marketing for the NBN services are is done through Telstra, all contact for the NBN service that I have received has been through Telstra so Telstra "IS responsible" for the NBN and any problems that arise - and the current name is Telstra nbn..............
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: NBN - Garbage

Hi @MikeC,


Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your nbn service. As your service provider, Telstra will liaise with NBN Co to find a suitable solution as soon as possible. Have you been in contact with your case manager recently or are you still waiting to hear from them?


- Tim 

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