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NBN HFC Connection Fault - Case manager ignoring me

10th of Feb all hardware installed. 4 green lights on NTD. No internet connection. HFC Cable line is working, I know it's not a hardware, provisioning or infrustructure issue. Telstra blame NBN but I'm sure that the fault lies with Telstra.

Fault indicated, was esculated, assigned a case manager.


Told I'll be updated.... Not once have I been updated.


Everytime I call I'm told my case manager will contact me. Called over 10 times. 


I just spoke to live chat who then called me and patched me through to my case manager...

I had the on hold music for a while and it's now been over 30 minutes and phone on the other end has been ringing without anyone answering it; my case manager I assume.

I'll see how long it goes on for. Or until the ringing drives me insane.

At this point trying to get my NBN running I'm just about ready to punch someone in the face. Telstra are a nightmare.


How the hell do I talk to someone in a position to get something done.

I've filed 2 online complains neither which has been replied... that was 2 weeks ago.

Filed with the TIO aswell.

Calling Internode now.

Avoid telstra NBN HFC

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Re: NBN HFC Connection Fault - Case manager ignoring me



Going through the exact same pain. I have also filed a complaint with TIO.


Now support staff on here are also ignoring my thread (https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/National-Broadband-Network-NBN/NBN-on-HFC-and-IPv6/td-p/66007...


Good luck and mate.

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Re: NBN HFC Connection Fault - Case manager ignoring me

Ignoring people with problems seams to be the norm with these people when they know they telstra are at fault in the first place.
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Re: NBN HFC Connection Fault - Case manager ignoring me

With Telstra you have to be patient, I have mine Telstra NBN HFC modem installed on 24th February 2017 and the modem was activated on 21st March 2017, it took a month to activate. At that time I know every body have same problem and I did not bother to follow up with Telstra because my existing Telstra Cable internet was working fine. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2605747

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Re: NBN HFC Connection Fault - Case manager ignoring me

I've been patient it's just the fact that they wont update me, ignore me and pass me off ASAP when I call, and it's usually to the wrong department.

I'm aware of the whirlpool thread. 

How was your issue resolved? And what infact was the issue?

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