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NBN HFC DROPOUTS - 20+ per day

Hi All,


I really need some help as I'm just being stuffed around & this has now been going on for over 3 months.

I am experiencing I would say at least 20+ dropouts per day. I'm connected to the NBN via HFC & the adapter keeps dropping out. ( All lights except the top one go off then come back on 1 at a time ) The modem drops connections from time to time as well but usually I just get a No Internet error from the modem.


I called Telstra in March to report the problem. They arranged for a NBN technician to come out to investigate. After going through the diagnostic process with Telstra the support person booked an appointment with a NBN technician & left instructions to check/replace the Adapter as it may be faulty.


The NBN technician came out & changed the connection at end of the cable going from the Telstra box to the connection plate in my room. He said that it was the old Foxtel type of connection & the NBN requires a new standard. Apparently when they installed the NBN on my home the changed the end of the cable in the Telstra box but not the other. He connected his diagnostics machine & said the problem was fixed. I asked him about the adapter & he said it may be the old power board that is causing the dropouts. I told him that the top light stays on but he said it still may be the problem.


So I went out & got a new power board & turned it all back on again. It has made no difference.

I am back & forth from Brisbane & the Gold coast at the moment so luckily aren't totally reliant on the NBN connection in Brisbane but every time I come here I get very annoyed with the dropouts. On average I'll get 2-5 dropouts while watching a Netflix movie. Not sometimes but EVERY time.

I've tried every setting that the internet can provide with no change to dropouts. I recently found a discussion mentioning turning off Protected Management frames so I rest the modem & adapter again & only changed that setting but It didn't change a thing so I reset the modem again.


Yesterday I had an electrician friend come over & connect the HFC adapter directly into the line coming off the street to see if the cable coming from the Telstra box to the HFC adapter was faulty but it made no difference. I reset the modem to default settings & still got the same amount of dropouts.


Before moving to the NBN the cable connection was also intermittently dropping out but no where near as much. I am now thinking it either is the connection coming from the footpath, the NBN service to the street / area or the NBN adaptor/modem that Telstra provided me with.


I booked an appointment last week with Telstra for a NBN technician to come out yesterday but they cancelled it & now when I try to book an appointment I get a message saying it's under investigation.


I'm about to involve the Telecommunications Ombudsman regarding this issue as I've basically tried to resolve it with Telstra & the NBN with no avail. I'm going to call Telstra tomorrow one last time to see if they will help but I think I will have to involve the Ombudsman to get some action. I've eliminated every possible scenario I can think of & now know it has nothing to do with the connection from the Telstra box to the modem or adaptor.


Can anyone think of anything else that may be causing the problem or had any similar problems that they were able to resolve before I involve the Ombudsman ?


Telstra Modem Information
Product Vendor: Technicolor
Product Name: Technicolor DJA0231
Software Version: 20.3.c
Firmware Version: 20.3.c.0329-MR19-RA
Hardware Version: VCNT-A
DSL Version: A2pvfbH046u.d27j


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Re: NBN HFC DROPOUTS - 20+ per day

It sounds like a line fault. That is up to NBN Co to investigate and fix.

Telstra's role in the process now is to request NBN Co to fix the problem. Telstra will monitor the connection for a period of time as well from their end.

NBN Co's usual response is to do a remote check, see nothing wrong and cancel the request a few times until they do investigate it properly. But since it comes up with "Under Investigation" it may be that NBN Co is actually looking at the problem, but it doesn't require a technician to visit as it is an infrastructure problem.


Getting information about it may be difficult, but you can contact NBN Co directly if Telstra doesn't have any information about what is going on. You "might" get a response from them with some information.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN HFC DROPOUTS - 20+ per day

The problem is likely to be a street cable fault and not the adapter. If you haven't already lodge a complaint. The link below shows how to lodge a complaint.



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Re: NBN HFC DROPOUTS - 20+ per day

Try this link

Seems some apple products when logging onto the modem are not assigned the correct address causing the modem to reboot

Update all apple products and reboot modem after everything is done 


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