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NBN HFC Dropouts

So I get a leaflet about 3 weeks ago from Telstra about switching my BigPond Cable connection to NBN HFC and sign myself up to the Foxtel Hottest Entertainment bundle on a 24 month contract.


Telstra sent out my new modem and NBN came out to install the Arris NTD and things were running great for a week. After the 1st week I am now experiencing constant drop outs that can last 5 - 10 mintues at a time.


And of course this is NBN technology so the phone line is running through the same connection so the phones are dropping out too.


To top it off it's holiday season and we've have people trying to call us and we've been trying to call family and friends with a dodgy line that keeps cutting us off. I'm also trying to play online games and trying to setup this Playstion for Xmas for online play but it just keeps dropping.


When I was on BIgPond Cable dropouts were a rarity but now with NBN it's happening right througout the day and evening.


I've called support and they determined there was a "fault" in my suburb and it was being looked at. I checked the faults section and it was listed on there and now removed however my dropouts continue.


I've done the obvious restarting the NTD, modem, restarting to factory defaults and nothing has helped.


I'm paying $20 extra per month than before for a service that runs like crap because Telstra said NBN was ready in my area.

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Re: NBN HFC Dropouts

You will have to contact NBN tech support again if the outage is no longer listed and you are still having drama's. More then likely they will have to create a ticket with NBN themselves to send one of their techs out

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