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NBN HFC issues Camp Hill Brisbane

I have been on NBN HFC for less than a month and find the outages excessive compared to the Bigpond cable I previously had working reliably for years.It's using exactly the same coaxial cabling and lead-in as the previous service. The NBN installer went and changed all the connectors as part of the install.


My Meraki MX64 router allows me to monitor the service availability, I don't really use the supplied SM2 apart from as a backup device when the HFC is down.


Most of yesterday morning there was some sort of unplanned outage according to the Telstra and NBN sites. Again today there are more outages and tomorrow more "planned" interruptions.


It has not been a terribly good experience so far despite the significant additional cost of speedboost to get a near equivalent service.


Fed up...


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Re: NBN HFC issues Camp Hill Brisbane

Sounds like there was a fault and the "planned outages" could be the ongoing replacement of parts to rectify the initial problem (which probably had a "bandaid" solution applied).


Unfortunately, when NBN is switched on in an area, especially where old infrastructure has been repurposed on the fly, there can be commissioning issues that carry on for the first 6 months or so.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: NBN HFC issues Camp Hill Brisbane

I feel your pain. When I changed from Telstra cable to NBN HFC, I had multiple dropouts every day. I kept at telstra to fix it wasting countless hours with their support people that would keep asking the same stupid questions every time I called.

I had technicians out to my house 6 times. Each time they would do one thing and say it is fixed. Change a connection at the wall, change at the modem, change a section of cable.

Eventually someone came and actually went up the pole to change the main connection, and guaranteed that was the problem all along. He was correct, as I had no problems since.


The guy that fixed it said that the poor connections work fine on the old Telstra cable system, but as NBN runs higher spec, it is much more prone to fail with any bad connections, so if it worked before NBN does not mean it will work the same with NBN. The random dropouts supposedly happen depending upon load on the system in your area affecting the quality of the signal to your connection.


So the lesson is be persistent. Telstra will throw away countless man hours sending stupid technicians with no idea how to solve a fault, but eventually you should get a good one that will fix it.

Use the online chat support rather than phone as it is easier unless you need to yell at someone.

Copy the logs from your Telstra modem WAN section which will clearly show when it drops out and when it is back. Prove to Telstra it is dropping out.

Instruct them to keep the job open until you tell them it is fixed, that way you avoid going through the same routine every time you call. 

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Re: NBN HFC issues Camp Hill Brisbane

The pain NBN pain continues, service unusable since 4pm, WAN1 is NBN WAN2 is a LTE backup device I have since reconnected given WAN1 is so unusable.



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