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NBN HFC Slow Speed during evening

 Hope someone can give some advise, I have logged a call with Telstra and have been advised that the issue will be resolved on 7th Feb 2020. Issue is From 5PM onwards the Internet speed drops below 30 mbps and after 7PM it intermittently drops out and the speed is usually between 1-4mpbs, I am on a 100mbps plan and during the day its ok. 


I have tried to connect the work laptop directly to the Ethernet port on the modem to rule out Wi-Fi issues but that has not help as well. Also I have stopped all my streaming at home so I can do work at night Smiley Sad and still speeds are below 10 from 7pm onwards.


Any suggestions apart from logging a call with Telstra. 


Can someone shed some info is this an issue with Telstra or with NBN, Telstra is advising its NBN but some posts says CVC is usually with the provider. Is it worth considering to move to a different provider or will it be the same with others as well.


I really need decent internet for work hence the concern Smiley Sad 


Thanks in advance. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN HFC Slow Speed during evening

The answer is that it could be either. NBN Co may be doing works that affect the speeds, or Telstra may need to purchase more CVC.


If it's not resolved by the 7th February, then another call should be made. Calling earlier won't speed up the process. 

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Re: NBN HFC Slow Speed during evening

Thank you Jupiter,


The issue was fixed and its back again, in the evening the internet fluctuates pretty bad, It goes even below 1mb. Really considering to switch providers has calling tech support they keep changing my Wi-Fi band where as I an connected directly via Ethernet. very frustrating Smiley Sad

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