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I looked on nbn website months ago and found out that I was getting FTTN.

Now I have looked again and it say HFC



My currant set up and has been for over a year now.

With Telstra

One line coming in to the out door box on the side of the house.

From this box there are 2 cat 6 cable going straight to the centre of the house in the lein cupboard.

First line goes straight to Dlink Taipan modem/router ONLY

Second line goes to a Hill home phone module 

(Explain) Second line connect to line in and 8 lines out 6 are phones and 2 are for faxs in different locations thru my house 



I am staying with Telstra for home phone as keeping it internet.

I have Foxtel but that is thru satellite.

Oh I have duet as well at this moment



Now as I am now getting HFC I would like to know a few things



First of all I have my own DLINK Taipan modem/router in one unit

Unit is not compatible with VOIP



Now I been told and read that with I turn my modem section on my Taipan unit of and leave router on and Telstra will be giving me a modem were the HFC will connect too.

Than a cable from the back of the Telstra modem to the first WAN port of my Dlink unit the other end gets connected to.

As my Dlink has 4 WAN one will be modem to router connection as mentioned above and the second one WAN from Dlink will go to a 16 port switch.



Now I would like to know HOW the phone for land line gets connected and were and is there another unit or is it at the back of the modem.

Note I have a home alarm that is connected to landline that calls me when is triggered.



Now I have been told that I can use my Dlink unit as Telstra will not except it as I need to use Telstra mode router and if that the case I brought my Dlink over a year ago when I thought I was getting FTTN and if thats true I payed $500 plus for nothing than.



I also have fax duet for a long time which I still want and need so how does that fit into it 


When i get NBN at my place I want phone land line to work including fax and home alarm also internet.

Foxtel does not matter as its satellite.


Can some one explain to me in detail the items that I will get and how it will be set up.



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Level 25: The Singularity


The duet service does not work with NBN. And your fax may not work either.


You would plug your incoming internet connection into LAN port 4 on the Taipan (as this is the only WAN port).


Your phone gets plugged in to the Green phone port of your modem.


Your alarm will need to be modified by adding a 3G/4G dialler as it won't work on an NBN connection.


You will need to contact a Hills reseller to find out how you need to connect your modem to your panel.


Basically, nothing has changed from your posts dating back to September. All the advice that you have previously been given still stands.


If you are unsure of what to do, I would recommend getting in contact with a Telecommunications Contractor to do a proper assessment of your home and to carry out any setup & remediation works that are required.


Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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