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Nbn home moving

My NBN has not worked for months yet my bill continues to rise as I am refusing to pay it. Telstra have not been able to fix issue nor am I able to contact them.now I have moved house but can't even get them to do a move home order, was disconnected whilst on the call I waited hours for yet they did not call back after I messaged them I finally received a text that I would be called shortly that was at 5pm it's now 9pm. I have a history of mental health issues and self harm and due to Telstra constant problems I now feel like killing myself.

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Re: Nbn home moving

Hi @paul_keppell 

This is Telstra Moves Team 1800531622 phone number.


Did you end up receiving a call back from Telstra?


If you have been without a service by any Australian telco for a period of time, Its very possible you will be reimbursed. See below link.


look under! 

Compensation payments to you



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I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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