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NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), 3 landlines and Fax

Good evening..


Surprise, Surprise we found out today our NBN  Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) will be installed April-June 2017 and I was planning 2 years away from my eaelier discussions with Telstra.


Telstra replaced our failing ADSL 2+ copper system last year with cable Gateway and now we enjoy cable a constant speed of 32mbs..knowing that may improve...


We have 3 x landline numbers and a composite fax machine on one of those landlines.


Our house goes from the front to the back fence, single storey 5 bedrooms etc and we have Panasonic Cordless phones, but to reach the extremities of the house we have phone sockets for plug in phones.


We have 6 TV's,  2 connected by AC Ethernet, 3 x wired ethernet and 1 x a poor WiFi signal. I presume that will rem,ain.


We have 6 computers, 3 x WiFi, 3 x Ethernet


It is not a business but an active home....,  me, well retired, my wife and 2 x 50's children. One is a disabled pensioner and doesn't need medical alarm systems.


We live with the odd rare power blackout because there are 4 x mobile phones and 2 x mobile broadbands.


Out Telstra Gateway was installed 1/2 way down the west wall of our house.


The phones are busy because we are the youngest in our family group and in constant contact with 5 in-laws in their 80's.


From reading other posts there seems to be confusion on using fax machines on the NBN


Other than ordering my connections through Tesltra when it all happens, what do I need to plan ?


I'm a Platinum subscriber

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Re: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), 3 landlines and Fax

The landline connections and the fax are going to be the biggest hurdles.


As far as I'm aware, an HFC connection can only handle a single landline service. So, if you want to keep the extra services, you may need to get a couple of new Cable connections.


The fax, I can't really help you with, but it alost definitely won't work in its current version. The question would be, do you actually use it? At home we haven't for years, we switched to email.


For the phone points throughout the house. Some rewiring will be required there. I'm not sure how many wired handsets the modem will support (the documentation suggests one), but in order to get them to work, you would need to get the landline wire leading from the house disconnected and then connect the points in the house to the socket on the modem.


The TVs and computers will work as they are now, but the ones connected via Wifi will need to be reconnected to the new Wifi network.


You could fix the poor wifi signal connection by plugging in a router (as an Access Point) into one of the ethernet ports closest to where the problem device is. If it is set up as an Access Point using the same SSID and password as your existing Wifi network, then devices will just pick the strongest signal.

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Re: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), 3 landlines and Fax

As Jupiter mentioned the Land lines are the biggest problem.


The cheapest solution for the extra two land lines is to port the two numbers to a third party VOIP service provider such as MyNetfone. They will provide you with either a VOIP to normal phone adapter or a IP phone both of which are plugged into one of the LAN ports of the Gateway. They charge about $10 a month line rental.


If you really need to use fax a solution you could use virtual fax.



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Re: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), 3 landlines and Fax



Thanks for the quick response. I'm a well retired IT and the current Gateway on cable I have 4 active ethernet ports going to devices. Is the Gateway modem being changed to accomodate NBN ?. Shouldn't be a worry for me because I'm already using Netgear Switches.  When I started using the AC Netgear Ethernet I found difficulty across areas of the house across circuit breakers but I didn't pursue that because of the impending NBN.


I will talk to Telstra because an option would be to onforward the existing numbers to a mobile phone.  Because we are a pseudo baby sitting service for our very elderly two landline phones are constantly in use and I don't see the pensioners in the family ringing our mobiles direct..  I will check the costs involved with multiple cable because there must be a solution because business would be in uproar.


The electrician was on my list because we were delaying that until the NBN arrived because I was reading all about the Fibre to the nearest point to the street etc until the method of delivery was changed.


I'm currently using Telstra's WiFi Maximiser App on my phone to try and get the optimum position for the Netgear WiFi range extender for the main TV. Sometimes I think it has to do with the Sisalation insulation in our walls. Yet my Fitbit's Bluetooth syncs from 20m through walls etc..


It would appear to get more ethernet outlets near the affected devices will help and more popwer points to be able to place the WiFi range extenders.  The problem with a very long single storey house.  We extended the house that way because we didn't want stairs. We are into our late 70's now..


I have no issues using my Notebook computer with multiple Chromecast on any of the TV's, but that is only a few metres.


Thanks again for the concise post.. All the best for today






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Re: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), 3 landlines and Fax



Great news I will follow all that up..wioll make my wife mopre than happy...


I'm trying to plan this now because the announcement for our NBN came as a shock when Telstra who installed our cable late last year told me, "we had the first part of our NBN but probably a couple of years away", and now, tomorrow I will be saying it could be next month or so...

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Re: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), 3 landlines and Fax

Thanks for your input yesterday.. Today's episode was like throwing a hand grenade into the Telstra shop..


Lack of knowledge, grasping for ideas... This shop is a genuine Telstra operation, not a franchise and I have caught them unawares.  In a very large shopping mall.


Answers like, hold off, your speed won't be great, it's not compulsory etc...... I'm already getting 32mbs download where I live with the Telstra cable (which was installed a few months ago because I was having major issues with ADSL 2+).


They did not understand about Ethernet, phone points and they kept saying you will need a few NBN routers with no information to provide, very disappointed.


As an after thought... Fitbit have just provided their users with an interactive spell checker which looks and feels like this messaging system ...


I now have a contact with Telstra NBN on this number 1800 834 273 and am waiting for my permanent link to the person I spoke to..


Maybe I can get some answers this way... All I'm trying to do is plan... because I need an electrician for other works...


Just reminds me of setting up remote computer networks in the middle of Australia for my construcvtion company....,, I thought we might have advanced.  But it is now a challenge.





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