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NBN Installation Quirey

OK so I've opted for the Telstra Bundle which includes FTTN and a Home Phone, received the modem which works fine on Mobile back up right now, there is no telecommunications infrastructure at the brand new apartment where I live, all that is here is a land in cable, nothing else, so I call telstra to find out who installs the phone line, and the NBN equipment, 57 minutes later my prepaid runs out, so I try again the next day, 71 minutes later my prepaid runs out, so I go into the local telstra shop which is 67 km's away, they tell me they think, that's right "think" it will all be done by the nbn technician. Obviously I am not happy with that response, so I go onto message chat, 38 minutes before anyone bothered to ask me a question and then another 51 minutes for them to tell me they also "think" nbn will do it. FGS, how hard is it to talk to someone at Telstra about a simple yet critical question, who is going to install the phone line and sockets, there are no sockets at the premises, nothing, the last thing I want after waiting 5 weeks to get connected is for some technician from nbn or telstra telling me there is further stuff to install before I get connected, so, does anyone here know? If there is no socket here at my apartment how are they going to install a phone that comes with the bundle ?  2/. Is someone going to install a phone socket from NBN or Telstra and how the hell do I find out this out, please someone save me from this madness, all I want is an answer from a real person, who installs the phone socket and when do they do it ?

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